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Twenty Twenty One

Hiyaa there! Err.. wait. How does this thing work again? It's been too long and I just can't seem to remember how to do this thing each time LOL.

But yeah just like that another year has gone and another year it has been since this blog got neglected. At least I'm doing a good thing by remembering to do this yearly post. Since no one's gonna read this but myself, I'm just gonna blabber randomly and who cares if anyone gets it or not.

What's With 2020?

Don't we all agree that 2020 was such a weird year? Bet all you have never spent so much time at home all your life before last year, have you? Now, if I had to explain my year in a sentence, I think it would be: being pregnant in the first half of the year and taking care of a newborn in the last half.

But what fun would it bring if I was gonna end the post here, right? So that's why I'll try to be a bit more creative and come up with another year in a review post. Glad that I haven't missed any since 2012. Let's hope this lasts!

Birth Story: Welcoming Kylee

I was gonna start this post by writing: "Guess who's back?" but then I realized this phrase has already been way overused since I always said it each time I was missing from this blog and got back on leaving another single post LOL. But anyway, GUESS WHO'S BACK. 

This time I'm here was to write about the one I promised on the last post, about the birth of my little one, Kylee Zhuang. Baby K is already 6 months old now and here I am finally here to write about it. Are you ready, shall we start already then?

PS. This post will be written in Bahasa, since it would be too long of a story and my mind was currently too lazy to think in English (if that even makes any sense).

PPS. It's gonna be a super loooooooong post. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

My First Pregnancy Journal

As what I have mentioned on my previous post, by the time I was typing this, I was currently pregnant with my first baby. Since I am already on my maternity leave period and I got quite some time in my hand, I thought why not make a blog post for myself to cherish in the future. I'll try to write this in chronological order and hopefully I'll be able to do it well (still found it awkward writing on the blog after so long).