The Meetups

Soooooo a few weeks ago, I made a not-so spontaneous trip to Jakarta because one of my good friends, Tiffany,just got married (yes, this kiddo on the photo above is a married woman already!) and since I couldn't make it to her wedding matrimony, I thought I'd show up at her farewell party (she's moving to Japan with her husband) as a surprise for her. Now, did the surprise work out?

The party was supposed to be held on Monday so I flew to Jakarta on Saturday to spend the weekend. Now the difficult part was to make sure my coming was kept secret so I didn't tell too many people about it. Uri dongsaeng, Etin, kindly picked me up at the airport and took me for a baso penyet lunch (yum!) and we spent time catching up together before we went on a fellowship with our Guangzhou friends, and that was how I spent my first day at the town.

On the Sunday, me and Meishia went on a morning Sunday service and then went on another meetup with my bichis; Jane and Kina (minus Cai who's currently abroad studying at China) and I finally met Baby Josh again! The last time I saw him, he was just a tiny newborn and now I couldn't even manage to hold him for too long because he's gotten so big already!

Though it was quite a short meetup, but I was glad I got to spend time with them and catch up a bit. Hopefully it won't be too long before the next one!

Now, to the highlight of the trip, the surprise plan! Gladly saying, it did work, so I managed to surprise Mrs. Mandias and I was thankful I could spend the night with my dear old colleagues and had some great time together, PLUS I got a really great news where one of my good sisters, Marcella, told me that she's taken already! God knows how much I had been waiting to hear that haha and plus the news came with a hilarious plot twist too :)))))

Spent the last day with my sisters, Felly and Meishia, had lunch together with their mom and aunties and also played a bit with (the super cute baby boss) Ken and I was really really thankful for them for treating me like a family, for ALWAYS have treated me like one.

Not too much blabbering for me this time, I just wanted to make sure this story got into this blog because I think they were so worth-cherishing and worth-remembering. Last but not least, I want to thank these people for making the short trip very memorable for me. Ci Meishia for letting me invade the right side of her bed and always making me feel like a loved sister, Etin for sparing her whole day to blab and laugh with me, and also for the special gift (ditunggu janji ke PKU-nya!), Jane and Kina too for never failing to give me well-spent quality time together, and also shout out to Ci Marcella who had helped me a lot with this surprise trip and also for the good news you gave me LOL. Until next time, fellas!

My Two Cents on "13 Reasons Why"

I know I don't normally write reviews about anything, but recently I just finished this new Netflix series called "13 Reasons Why" which apparently gained quite a lot of great feedback from people who watched it, and I too decided to give it a go because some of my friends who I considered intellectual (though most of the time also mentally-ill, LOL sorry guys but you know it's true) recommended it to me and said it was a must watch. And if I managed to finish all the 13 parts in 2 days, I'd have to admit that what they said was legit.

"13 Reasons Why" was a Netflix series adapted from a novel with the same title written by Jay Asher. The main story line was about Hannah Baker, a high school sophomore who decided to gave up her life by doing suicide. After she died, she left some messages by recording them into 7 tapes which each side of the tape was dedicated to the person who was the reason behind her decision of ending her own life.

This series has brought me on an emotion roller coaster which I love, but also hate at the same time. At first, I wanted to hate Hannah for being such a drama queen for exaggerating on everything but when I listened to what she had to say on the last tapes, my heart broke together with hers and all I wanted to do was give her a big hug and bring her back to life.

Each tape will make you understand better why someone could actually wish to stop feeling everything and give up living. Those small things that we may thought didn't really matter, they actually can have the power to do all the things we can never imagine to other people.

Since I'm not going to spoil every detail of the series here, I'll just share some of the points that I could pick from the  tapes that Hannah has passed down:

1. The world is already such a messed place. I initially planned to use a much more explicit word for the adjective, but for now I think I'd settle with this one. Every problem portrayed in this series was so real and those were only ones that happen to ONLY high school students who haven't really experienced the 'real world'. Plus, the habit of it which worshiped the 'cool people' just because of how they present themselves and ditched those who don't belong to the group was kinda making me sick (referring to the scene where Bryce got all the recognition and people love him when he was just one freaking pathetic person inside). That is why guys, the least we can do to help this world is don't be such jerks who ruin people's lives by their existence, we already have enough of them.

2. Apparently, it's not only what we do that can hurt other people, what we don't do can sometimes bring pain too. How many times have we been hesitant to do something just because we don't have enough guts to do it, or just because we were too shy? When your heart moves you to do something good to other people, just do it because we'll never know if they needed it. Sometimes, just a simple one second 'hi' can brighten up someone's whole day.

3. Concealing what you feel inside does no good, share them with others. Name it happiness, grief, excitement, fear, anything you can feel. Maybe not to everyone, but just one or a few people will do. Please, never feel like you're alone in this world, because you are not (literally, and figuratively).

4. Regret never make good friends with anyone. Avoid it if you can, but when what's done is done, move forward, do better and make sure such thing won't ever happen again to any other people; it's the only option available.

5. Everything.. affects everything. It probably will always remain mystery how everything in this world is actually connected one to another in anyway possible. But I do believe that when what we do actually can bring impact to other things, then the rightest thing to do is just do the best we can whenever possible, right? It may be impossible to do all the time but at least we can try, can't we?

So, as a conclusion, will I recommend this series? Man, when I, who don't write much, dedicated a whole blog post only for this, you know the answer already. I love the fact that this series doesn't revolve around silly teenagers love story (let the K-drama do this for us) and bring us to another point of view that maybe never came across our mind before, Watch it but be prepared for explicit words and scenes that probably may be inappropriate for under-aged kids and narrow-minded people.

Have you heard about "13 Reasons Why" before, or have you watched the series? If you have, you can share me your thoughts about it and I'd love to hear them! Thank you for reading this random scratch here, hope you have a good Sunday!

The Rainbow Blocks - 2017 HK Photo Diary Pt. 3

The sun’s finally out on my last day here in Hong Kong. We decided to start the day by having the national breakfast with local style: dim sum! Luckily we found a dim sum place nearby and when I saw that all who ate there were the local elders, I just knew we found the right place.

One interesting experience was since all who ate there were locals, all the waiters don’t understand any English, so it was pretty confusing for us to make order or even finding a seat (apparently my Mandarin skills were not quite useful while I was there). Finally, we were seated together with one man, aged around 80 and guess what; he was with his Indonesian personal assistant! So the kind lady helped us made the order and the good man even offered to treat us breakfast! But we politely declined it since we just couldn’t afford to accept the treat after all the helps we had been receiving, but we really were so thankful!

We don’t have a fixed itinerary for this day but there was this one place that we wanted to go because it’s pretty; Choi Hung Estate. It was one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong and it’s famous because of the colorful blocks (choi hung itself literally means rainbow).

If you want to get here, get off at Choi Hung station and the building was just at the station’s exit. Best spot to take pictures was at the basketball court which was prettily hidden; it’s located on the parking lot’s rooftop so if you see the parking lot, you’ll find the basketball court at the top of the parking building. There’s nothing to do here besides taking pictures at the basketball court though, so if you are on a tight schedule, you might want to skip this. But if you have plenty of leisure time, this place will be a great spot for taking the perfect Instagram post!

The last destination of my this trip was the Ani-Com Park @ Harbour Fun, located near Hong Kong Convention Center in Wan Chai. We were supposed to go here on the second day while we were visiting Wan Chai but somehow we skipped it so we went back the next day for it.

After the long walks, we took the bus and got off at Causeway Bay for a late lunch and we picked Yoshinoya for its beef bowl. We usually shared all the meals we had while in HK but just that one time everyone finished their bowls because we were all THAT starving LOL. Sadly after lunch I had to say goodbye to the girls because my flight was at the night of the same day. So we parted as I headed to the airport and the girls continued their own adventure.

Just like the time when I departed to HK, I needed to make a transit at KLIA2 and this time it was a 10 FREAKING HOURS transit. I didn’t remember how I managed to survive those crazy 10 hours, but I was just thankful I did. This trip has been a one very fun and memorable, I am so thankful I got to spend the days with girls and we really laughed a lot. I am thankful that they appreciate even my coldest jokes (sometimes I even wonder how I came up with such bad jokes) and grateful that I have such good yet crazy friends.

Now as a closing… I made a vlog! Well, a mini-vlog may be more suitable, since I didn’t talk too much on the video; it’s still very awkward for me to speak by myself holding the camera, but I think for a first time vlogging, I think this was pretty fine. So, what do you think? Is it acceptable, or do you think I should stop and never make these kinds of video ever again? LOL. Let me know what you think and I’ll be very thankful :)

Well, that marked the end of my short Hong Kong trip this year, thank you for any of you who have been following my journey and hopefully I’ll be able to post again soon. If you want to view all the posts about this Hong Kong journey, click here and check out all other posts too, if you haven’t. Take care and see you next time!

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