The Rainbow Blocks - 2017 HK Photo Diary Pt. 3

The sun’s finally out on my last day here in Hong Kong. We decided to start the day by having the national breakfast with local style: dim sum! Luckily we found a dim sum place nearby and when I saw that all who ate there were the local elders, I just knew we found the right place.

One interesting experience was since all who ate there were locals, all the waiters don’t understand any English, so it was pretty confusing for us to make order or even finding a seat (apparently my Mandarin skills were not quite useful while I was there). Finally, we were seated together with one man, aged around 80 and guess what; he was with his Indonesian personal assistant! So the kind lady helped us made the order and the good man even offered to treat us breakfast! But we politely declined it since we just couldn’t afford to accept the treat after all the helps we had been receiving, but we really were so thankful!

We don’t have a fixed itinerary for this day but there was this one place that we wanted to go because it’s pretty; Choi Hung Estate. It was one of the oldest public housing estates in Hong Kong and it’s famous because of the colorful blocks (choi hung itself literally means rainbow).

If you want to get here, get off at Choi Hung station and the building was just at the station’s exit. Best spot to take pictures was at the basketball court which was prettily hidden; it’s located on the parking lot’s rooftop so if you see the parking lot, you’ll find the basketball court at the top of the parking building. There’s nothing to do here besides taking pictures at the basketball court though, so if you are on a tight schedule, you might want to skip this. But if you have plenty of leisure time, this place will be a great spot for taking the perfect Instagram post!

The last destination of my this trip was the Ani-Com Park @ Harbour Fun, located near Hong Kong Convention Center in Wan Chai. We were supposed to go here on the second day while we were visiting Wan Chai but somehow we skipped it so we went back the next day for it.

After the long walks, we took the bus and got off at Causeway Bay for a late lunch and we picked Yoshinoya for its beef bowl. We usually shared all the meals we had while in HK but just that one time everyone finished their bowls because we were all THAT starving LOL. Sadly after lunch I had to say goodbye to the girls because my flight was at the night of the same day. So we parted as I headed to the airport and the girls continued their own adventure.

Just like the time when I departed to HK, I needed to make a transit at KLIA2 and this time it was a 10 FREAKING HOURS transit. I didn’t remember how I managed to survive those crazy 10 hours, but I was just thankful I did. This trip has been a one very fun and memorable, I am so thankful I got to spend the days with girls and we really laughed a lot. I am thankful that they appreciate even my coldest jokes (sometimes I even wonder how I came up with such bad jokes) and grateful that I have such good yet crazy friends.

Now as a closing… I made a vlog! Well, a mini-vlog may be more suitable, since I didn’t talk too much on the video; it’s still very awkward for me to speak by myself holding the camera, but I think for a first time vlogging, I think this was pretty fine. So, what do you think? Is it acceptable, or do you think I should stop and never make these kinds of video ever again? LOL. Let me know what you think and I’ll be very thankful :)

Well, that marked the end of my short Hong Kong trip this year, thank you for any of you who have been following my journey and hopefully I’ll be able to post again soon. If you want to view all the posts about this Hong Kong journey, click here and check out all other posts too, if you haven’t. Take care and see you next time!

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My Happy Place - 2017 HK Photo Diary Pt. 2

It was a really cold night where the temperature dropped to 13 degree (at noon it was around 21). I remembered spending the night shivering behind my blanket since I just don't handle cold really well. 

But anyway, now we've come to the second day of the trip. Some people believe that if the queue for something is long, that proves that it's good, but I was pretty pessimistic for Australia Dairy Company, I mean how mindblowing could some scrambled egg be, right?

The queue took us around 30-45 mins before we finally made it inside. We have prepared ourselves for the rudeness of the waiters since everyone on the internet has warned us about it, but the waiters were so kind to us! They smiled a lot, made some jokes and even offered help to take our pictures before we even asked! (We didn't dare to, actually). 

Though you'd have to queue outside for quite some time, but worry not because the service inside was almost as quick as lightning! Our order took less than 5 mins to reach our table and ready to be munched. 

Pro tips: come with knowing first what you want to order so you can avoid being scolded by the waiters for taking too much time of their lives waiting for you to order. Ps. No English menu available.

Sooooo was it worth the wait? I tell you ya, IT'S FREAKING WORTH IT! LOL I maybe need to chill a bit, but really the scrambled egg was like nothing I have ever tasted before, it's moist, it's just.. perfect. Go try it someday if you visit HK next time!

To the next destination, Mong Kok Flower Market! It wasn't really the prettiest spot to take self portrait, but I bet it will lighten up your mood seeing the pretty flowers displayed. Besides, most of the flowers there were the ones we don't see much in Indonesia, so I think this place was worth a quick visit.

After strolling around the flowers market, we headed to Wan Chai for there were some spots we read which were pretty Instagram-worthy (I really have overused this phrase).

Could you even guess that the cute small blue building was a dumpster? LOL doesn't matter, take photos! Around the. neighbourhood there was also this little cafe, Omotesando Koffee, which I knew from a local friend's check in on Path, apparently this place was quite popular, counting on the crowds who dropped by.

I thought we were supposed to try more local food, but at the end we went to an Ichiran Ramen stall in Tsim Sha Tsui and I finally had my first Ichiran experience here in HK, not in Japan. But blame it to my poor taste bud, I didn't feel like it was such an awesome bowl of ramen that I could easily just pick Ikkudo Ichi over it, but maybe I just haven't tried the authentic one in Japan, yes? By the way, the stall in TST was the only one in the world where we could choose to sit personally (like in Japan) or sit in groups like other normal restaurants. We chose to sit together, by the way.

Pumped after an IDR 200K meal for a bowl of ramen, we made use the energy to take photos in the nearby area of Victoria Harbour. PS. No proper pictures of me, sorry :P

We spent the rest of the night at Mong Kok, strolling around the area and finally, another day has gone, another post was done! Only another one to go and I have another project that I have done about this trip, really can't wait to share it with you. Thanks for reading this and ciao!

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A Chilly Day in The Spring - 2017 HK Photo Diary Pt. 1

Another trip to Hong Kong! We have been planning this trip since last year and when the day had finally come, I was super excited! But one thing I definitely didn’t anticipate was... my flight from Pekanbaru to Kuala Lumpur got delayed for almost 3 hours! I supposed to have those 3 hours to spend leisurely at KLIA2 waiting for my next flight to Hong Kong, but at the end I remembered I ran like I was mad chasing my flight to HK (God knows how long the walk I had to do in KLIA2 and thanks to my ‘excellent’ habit of never exercising, it became extra challenging for me LOL).

Thank God I made it to the boarding gate at the exact time they started boarding and the flight departed on time so I made it to HK not too late at night to meet the girls (they took direct flight from Jakarta to HK so they reached earlier in the afternoon). And at last, my adventure in HK could finally begin!

It was already my n-th time going to HK, and so goes the same way with the other girls. That’s why we decided to skip all the mainstream tourist places (that’s right, no HK Disneyland, no The Peak, no Ngong Ping – though I haven’t really been there before), and aimed for more ‘hipster’ places to take cool pictures LOL – yes, our main goal going to HK was to take cool Instagram pictures #youngstersthesedays.

If you search on Google with the keywords “Instagram-worthy places in Hong Kong”, then you’d absolutely see this place in the recommendation. Sai Wan Swimming Shed was our first destination of the day after having our quick breakfast at Fairwood (local fast-food chain).

Sai Wan Swimming Shed is actually just a place where locals can have a swim at the wide ocean, but when we went there, there weren't actually a single swimmer; all we met were the ones who came just to take pictures. This place can be reached by taking the MRT to Kennedy Town plus another 20 minutes walk from the station.

We didn’t forget to stop by a random stair just to take some pictures and glad to say that I finally had my first Instagram post in 2017 taken here LOLOL. But really, why can’t random places in Indonesia at least look as Instagram-worthy as this though?

Right to the next destination, we took another MRT trip to Central area to find a place called ‘Hollywood Rd’ since people say that there were some cool painted walls to take pictures, but apparently we found it quite hard to find this place, since when we reached there, there’s not even a sign or trace of some cool walls or something.

We passed through Upper Lascar Row which was a kind of vintage market where they sold some very ‘Chinese-styled’ vintage goods and took a quick look of the places, nothing much of things that I liked here, though.

We also happened to bump into this hipster spot which sells overpriced fried mantou that was apparently pretty popular among Instagrammers; Little Bao. The fried bun with ice cream was so greasy that you can feel the milk from the ice cream and the oil from the bun together in your mouth; I was really not a fan. All my other friends fancy the pork belly bun, even though I, again, didn’t find anything that could make me like it (I expected a lot more from a HKD 88 (!) priced bun, you know). But oh well, you’d never know unless you try, right?

Guys, remember the wall I was telling you? We finally found it! And I really don’t understand the hype of the walls LOL, I mean it’s just this one wall and everybody was taking pictures like the wall had some kind of amazing history or what. But anyway, since we got here already and since we took the long walk JUST for this, do you think we were crazy not to take pictures too here? So, here you go.

For dinner we had a date with Ribka’s family at the Admiralty area, so while waiting for the time, we stopped by Causeway Bay for a bit and while we were strolling around, we saw Yee Shun Milk Company stall and decided to give it a try, since it was quite famous too. Vika and Rheta, who were milk drinkers found this really good and they liked it (don’t ask for the opinion from a non-milk lover for this).

Alright, that was all for our first day in HK and you probably can have this as a reference when you visit HK the next time. Hopefully I’ll be motivated enough to continue writing for the next posts since I still have some cool places to share with you guys #fingerscrossed. Have a great day y’all!

PS. Thank you @clararheta for taking lotsa cool photos of me!

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