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Day Twelve

"A photograph of the town you live in."

I actually planned to put Guangzhou Tower to this question, but later I thought now everybody keeps paying attention on that skinny tower. So I changed my mind and put my choice on this building. This is Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. 

Do not ask me who Sun Yat Sen really is, because I am not really sure about it. I went to this place, taking about half an hour bus trip, got there, taking pictures for about five minutes, and then go home because we do not know what to do here. I am not so sure about what this place is for, but what I know is they used this place for any exhibitions, and also for concerts. When I came there, I saw a poster that said Air Supply was going to have a concert there.


December is already in front of my eyes and I can see her waving hello at me. Me personally is not ready yet for her coming. Christmas celebration is 12 days to go.

Good luck Sas! Keep praying, do the best and let HIM do the rest :)

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