Yeay I am finally done with my new template and background. Well I also modified some of the pages and also the sidebar. What do you think about them? Are they better than before? :)


Jane Reggievia said...

awaaaaa aku suka banget sama header barumu, SO YOU! XD
sejak kapan kamu suka totol2 warna-warni gini? xP
yes, they are better than before, super-likeey! <3

acosmicheart said...

well sebenarnya gue ga suka polkadot, but these polkadots are acceptable haha!
thank yooouuuuu dear :)

Febryandi Jiang said...

Keren banget headernya.
I like it.
Jadi pengen ganti header lagi

acosmicheart said...

ahh really?
woooow jadi terharu nih hehe.
I planned to use yang km bikin dulu, but somehow
I can't find the file so I decided to make a new simple one.
Bikin yang baru lagi gihh.
Waiting for your new header yahh :3

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