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Go Go Go Goats!

Guangzhou Asian Games mascots, the goats, are really way too adorable! Today I met three of the goats. Well, there are actually five of them. They were yellow, blue, red, black and green. Looks like yellow is the leader, while green is the youngest of all, which I predicted was the only girl among them. (simply click on the pictures to enlarge)

This picture of the goats was taken by my classmate, Emi, who was lucky enough to meet all these cute buddies at the same time. I wish that I also will have this lucky opportunity to meet them. Haha I am so excited! By the way, meet the cute goats that I met today. They were the blue, the green, and the red :3


What do you think about them? Aren't them adorable? I also saw their figurines at the Asian Games Products Superstore, but they were expensive (for me). Just a set of their small dolls worth about 300 RMB (1 USD was about 6.67 RMB). But I did buy something there. I bought a set of stationery for my lovely nephew, Shane, and I also bought a set of four small beautiful mugs for Mom. I took a picture of the stationery set, but not the mugs. Have a look at it then :)

Ahem. The other great news for today is, I finally met TAUFIK HIDAYAT! Well, "met" is not really the best word, maybe "saw" is better. I saw him when he was going to enter the gymnasium. Beside him, I also saw Sonny Simon Santoso and maybe, a Malaysian badminton player, Li Zhong Wei? Haha I am not really sure if it was really them because I am actually not a really big fan of badminton. But at least, I met them! (Excuse me for always being overexcited :P)


I googled about the mascots of 2010 Asian Games and found the website that will explain to you about who those lovely goats are, and there are also the interesting and fun facts about those buddies! Check this website now by clicking here!

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