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Mini Mate Diary

Yeay a new friend of mine! I bought myself a new mini-mate-diary (that is what she called herself) and I love this new friend. She has so many cute things inside her. Well, I did not really need this thing, but I already planned to get myself a diary, so this sin is forgivable :P

Well today I supposed to have a kind of holiday because I only had one class today from 8 to 10 and I planned to go to buy things, after that going back to dorm and get a nice afternoon nap. But I at last did not because I was at Yidelu until 6 pm, buying so many things that we need for Christmas celebration.

I ate a lot for lunch. A-L-O-T. After having lunch at Meity's house, me, Natalie and also Meity went to West Holiday, getting some tickets and after that we took the bus right away to Yidelu.

Guess what, just after we got there, we went straight to KFC and ate again! And what even worse is, we bought a party-meal set (which had sooooo many chickens inside) and we ate those all. I really should stop this eating-disorder habit :P

Look at these two evil girls who ate those poor chickens. Haha. I did not have any dinner today, just so that I will be able to forgive myself for this kind of guilty pleasure.


Actually I am not supposed to be blogging now. I am going to have a test tomorrow and I have not studied anything. Beside, tomorrow I also have to do the sharing thing at COOL and I haven't prepared yet.

The countdown. Christmas celebration "THE ONE" is 11 days to go. Jiayooouuu!

By the way, today is the last day of November. When November started, I told him to be good to me, but he did not act that good, so I wished December will do well. What about you? What are you hoping for this December? Remember, it will be the last month of 2010. Happy go lucky, guys!

Wait, what am I still doing here? BELAJAR SAS!

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