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Wedding Dress

Sorry to say, but today I am going to grumble (again) in in this post. Today was just the same tiring day. Class(es) and so on, but today got something different. Today I went to Shi Er Gong with Meity. This place is the place which sells wedding occasion's needs, like wedding dresses, night gowns, and what-so-ever you need for wedding, are available there.

This was the very first time I went there, and we went there to buy Meity's soon-to-be sister in law's wedding dress. It was a very beautiful dress, with flowers and ruffles on the backside. Beside of buying the wedding dress, I also helped Meity in deciding which gown she is going to wear at her brother's marriage. We finally found one, which we hope can match Meity's appearance.

Looking at wedding dress really made me wonder if one day I'll be wearing one of those beautiful dresses. I mean, I am also a girl (ahem), right? :P I planned to try one of the dresses, but at last I didn't, because we didn't really have enough time to fit any other wedding dress. Well actually I really wanted to try some. Hehe. Maybe someday I'll try them. Maybe soon, maybe before I am really going to marry someone :P Well I planned to upload some pictures of the beautiful dress, but I don't have the files anymore because it has been cut to Meity's computer. Maybe next time, then.

The other thing that made me unhappy this day was, after coming back from Shi Er Gong, I met someone and had a serious talk with that person. Well, she is a girl, actually. We talked about many things, and some of them was, she gave me a good advice about how I should really treat people around me. I should really admit, the way I treated people, who are not close with me, is not that good. I tend to give people "mean" look, but actually I did not do it on purpose. I found it hard to explain this, but what hurt me was not the way she criticized me, but it was the time when she finally cried. Not because I scream at her, of course, but she cried because of her feeling about me. Okay, the thing was, she cared about me and she does not want anybody to think in negative way about me. Believe it or not, it hurts a lot more when someone cried because of you, than if you cry because someone hurt you.

I finally promised myself, I will try as hard as I can, not to let her disappointed. I will try harder to be better, for sure. For those around me, for those who love me, and for a better me. Okay, enough for the sadness. The happy thing was, tonight I went for dinner with some of Youth ministry's friends. We had great times! Great food also, of course. We also played "Woosh" and yeah, we laughed together. I will upload some of the pictures later, when I got my camera back :D

It is time for beauty sleep now. I have one good news and one bad news. Which one do you want to hear first? Anyway, I'll give the good news first. The good news is, I don't have to go to class tomorrow! The bad news is, I have to go and accomplish my duty as Asian Games City Volunteer. Argh I really hate this. I have to get up at 5 in the morning and I will get back at about 8.30 in the evening! SOMEONE, PLEASE SAVE ME!

UPDATE on Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is the pictures picture that I promised to upload. Happy go lucky! :D

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