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Day Twenty

"The meaning behind your blog name."

I mentioned about this at About The Blog page and Chasing The Rainbow post, but since those two were written in Bahasa Indonesia, I will explained this in a simpler way.

The reason why I chosed Chasing The Rainbow as my blog name is simply because I really love rainbows. My friends know that I like to draw rainbows (even though my drawing skill sucks :P) and I really love to see anything with rainbow on it.

Next, I symbolized rainbow as the happy thing that happen in my life. Happiness. The word chasing itself came from my random thoughts. I  tried to think about the best word that would match my blog title, then chasing came to my mind and I thought, "Hey, that word is good." and I decided to put Chasing The Rainbow as my blog title.

Later I googled and put "Chasing The Rainbow" as the keywords and found out that Chasing The Rainbow is a kind of English idiom which means trying to achieve something that is not possible or practical.

Well, I defined my own rainbow :)

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