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Presenting November

Wohh a new month! November was fine, but not as great as what I expected. October was better, really. This November gave many pressures for me, duties to be done and so on. Well, as usual, let's have a recap on what I have done in November *checking journal*

1. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall - November 2, 2010
Going to this historical place with Felly, Ko Aho and Ko Indra. Doing nothing but taking some pictures and then we escaped from this place then heading to the nearest restaurant because Felly and I was starving there. Right after that, we also went to Shang Xia Jiu Street and we took the "free" monorail trip (the transportation was free during the days before Asian Games that time) and I almost couldn't breath because of those people. By the way, I mentioned this place at this post.

2. Goodbye Koko - November 3, 2010
I had to say goodbye to two friends of mine, who were going back to Indonesia. I was so sad when they have to go back. I already missed them since the very first day they left. And I even dreamed about them haha! Well, I guess I will see you soon, Ko :)

3. Asian Games 2010 Volunteer
Okay, this is the biggest thing I did in November. Being a volunteer taught me so many things, made me meet so many new people and so many new experiences. I also met Bapak Agum, saw Taufik Hidayat and so many other people. Tiring, but worth the experiences :)

Those are the most unforgettable things I did in November. See, not so many things I did, but yet those are so tiring. Now, welcoming the December, a simple list of what I am going to do in December. Here they go :

1. The One - December 11th, 2010
GBI Guangzhou Christmas Celebration. I manage this event, like what we are going to do in this event and this event is really getting me nervous. I keep counting the days to this event and I hope everything is going to be great. Well this is not our time to show off, but it is the time for HIM :)

2. Hongkong Disneyland
Yeay I am going to Disneyland! Planned to go on December 23rd. Well I don't really want to go to Disneyland because I am craving for another thing, but my friend kept asking me to go. I thought Mom wouldn't let me go, but she did! I just chatted with her and without any compromise, she let me go and she even told me to buy her gifts from there. I love you Mom <3

3. Dad Mom's Wedding Anniversary - December 25th
Yes, right on Christmas day. This is going to be their 21th anniversary. I planned to do something sweet for them, but I still do not know what to do. Got some ideas, but don't know if it is gonna work.

4. Asian Para Games 2010
Ahhh I almost forgot this one. I am also going to be a volunteer of Asian Para Games. For those who don't know what this event is, this event is almost the same with Asian Games. A sport event, but this event is for the handicapped people. I hope I will work better for this event and I hope the management of this event is better than Asian Games, because there were still some flaws on the game before. Good luck :)

Not much of what I am going to do, but I hope this December will be great, just like the other older months. Yeay, happy go lucky!

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