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Stars Tonight

It's been so long since the last time I spent night like this. Sitting on my desk, working on my Chinese Craft project, and nothing else to do. And the other thing that happened this night that I haven't felt for very long time, I felt so mellow. Haha. I also missed this mellow side of me.

Was doing nothing that I facebook-ed and saw some pictures of my old church fellowship-mates, my old Sunday school's kids and everyone. They are now preparing for Christmas. The kids were wearing their cute costumes. They are going to sing and dance. I really missed celebrating Christmas with them. I hate it when I knew that I was no longer part of them. I don't even matter anymore.

Anyway, I still have to prepare myself for Christmas. The celebration is 2 more days to go! I hope nothing everything is now well-prepared and I missed nothing for the preparation *hope so*.

By the way, winter has really come to Guangzhou! Ahhhh I don't even like winter. I have to wear too many clothes and still feeling cold. Hope this winter won't be too cold.

PS. I already have my list of my new year's resolutions. Have you made yours? :)

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