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I Do I Do

Don't you just hate it when someone just came into your life without any "invitation" from you and all of sudden that person easily become the one who's been so important to your life and after some other time, this person is also the person who always made you feel so unwanted?

Don't you just hate it when someone can change so fast, when this person used to be the person to first greets you good morning and the last person who greets you good night, yet suddenly disappeared?

Don't you just hate it when you tried so hard to remind yourself to stop expecting things but you always end up breaking your own promises?

Don't you just hate it when you know that something is never meant to be yours but you can't help but keep hoping and expecting that someday it will belong to you?

Don't you just hate it to find out yourself being a stupid?

Breath To Waste

IKEA's newest sets of toys!

There's just some points that I never could understand about those who really love spending time talking about others' lives. Duh I mean, don't you guys have other things that you should've done instead of wasting time talking about people?

It has been a pretty tough week for me. Being ill, period, morning-screaming girls, people who've been acting pretty weird, the not-knowing-what-should-I-do-syndrom, etc etc. It's just felt strange that I wasn't even happy this already is weekend. But anyway, won't let anything or anyone steal my joy and peace away. These things of mine are just too precious!

PS. To someone, please don't get upset for too long, will you? I miss your smile :)

Yes, No, Wait

Picture was taken during my flight getting back to Guangzhou from Xi'An :)

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend, for some particular reasons. A desperate she was, that she was thinking to end up her life. Well, she at last didn't because me personally thought she wouldn't even have enough guts to do so. And I was right.

Let's stop here for awhile. Moral of the first paragraph : never ever make decisions when you're sad or angry, and at the same time, also never make promises when you're happy. You know, just in case so that you won't do something permanently (sorry to say) stupid just because you're temporarily upset.

Back to the topic, she was telling me the story why they broke up and she was obviously upset about the thing that happened. I was interested on the part when she told me that she always prayed for her (ex)boyfriend. By the way, my friend is a Christian, just like I am and her boyfriend was not. You know, she always prayed for the thing that her boyfriend someday will be just like her, and let's just say she hoped that one day she would live happily ever after with this guy.

She kept asking me, why God didn't give answer to her prayers. I told her, well God already did. And for you, the answer was "No, he's not the one for you." That counts as an answer, right? After I told her so, her response was "Oh, then God doesn't love me for He didn't give me what I wanted".

Funny how she could think in such way for she's been a Christian for quite long time. We always been told that God has three ways in answering our prayers and they are yes, no, or wait. 

Here, what I was thinking is just how we always be selfish by only expecting yeses from Him. When it comes to nos, we just keep grumbling and whining about how unfair God is to us, or maybe just when it comes to the waits, we often are not patient enough.

The thing I want to say is, why don't we just learn to accept nos, and just believe that He's prepared something waaaaaaaay better than what we've been expecting. God knows best, doesn't He?

God says Yes, and gives you want you want.
God says No, and prepares you something better.
He says Wait, and He's preparing for you the best.


Been ill since yesterday. Getting so much better though, after 3 Panadols, Wang Lao Ji(s) and Tolak Angin(s), guess I'll be back soon. This is just so not me, lying on the bed with nothing to do and pitying myself. Get well soon, Sas :)

Hey, Do You Remember Me Or How To Say My Name?

Guess who's back! Haha seriously I even forget that I owned something people called "blog". It's been so looooooong after the last time I posted here and now I don't even know what brought me here again.

So, JUST IN CASE there's just anybody who's been wondering where I've been missing or how I've been doing in these past six months (:P), well the answer is : I've been doing SUPER! Hey, I'm in my fifth semester of college now. Ugh it's just amazing how time flies so fast.

This new semester gives me a lot of surprises and lotsa new experiences and I really really really really (did I already say really?) happy about them. Guys, since it's been a long time since I blog, may I may I make a long list about what I've been doing these times? Haha I just missed listing everything like what I used to do in this blog.

Quick updates of @taniadysastika in late 2011 :
  • My hair no longer is curly, I cut them.
  • Felly is back to Indonesia now and I kinda missed her.
  • School Schedule is killing me. Classes everyday and I HATE MONDAY! :P
  • Visited more cities in China : 北京 (again), 天津,and 西安!
  • Had Dad Mom and Granny coming to China last August.
  • Sister's joining me here, in Guangzhou :D
  • Moved out to a new dorm, mee in B303.
  • Had a new baby called Instax 210 :))
  • Officially twenty and was having blast on my past birthday.
  • Meeting so many new awesome friends
  • Blessed Impact Generation, #PrayForTheNation at GBI Guangzhou!
  • Experiencing my very first Human Anatomy Class (yes I am a doctor now :P)
  • Finally visited Guangzhou Zoo after 2 years here.
  • FINALLY got myself a part-time job, thanks God :))
  • Had a baby fish now, his name's 小白!
I'm pretty sure I missed some things in the list but guess I should really stop before I win the award for the-most-boring-list-ever-made LOL. Now as usual, let's just let the pictures do the talking, shall we? I've chosen some pictures of this past six months' events and yeahh, here they are. PICTURES ATTACK!

I was having great times! And I really am grateful for every single thing that has happened in my life, for every single day God has given to me. For every single task He has put believe on me. I couldn't ask for anything better, really

I Love Disney, You Should Too!

A holla from Hongkong Disneyland! Well I was not blogging from Hongkong though, but I'm telling you the story of one of my greatest trip ever to Hongkong.

On June 9th, me, Felly and Albert went to Hongkong by taking train. The next day, we went to Hongkong Disneyland and it was really really awesome. Before there were some people telling me that Hongkong Disneyland wasn't kind of fun, but I went there and prove them wrong. It was awesomeee!

The-must-try was Space Mountain. It was an indoor roller-coaster where everything was so dark inside and it was thrilling, I really have to play it again the next time I go there, a MUST!

The greatest shows were Mickey's PhilarMagic and The Golden Mickeys. Mickey's PhilarMagic was a 3D show and yet The Golden Mickeys was a musical show. Those two were great that I'm gonna give them 9 out of 10. You all should watch them, if you are going to HK Disneyland too :))

Well, our bad that we didn't watch the fireworks show. All people keep telling us that it was the best part of Disneyland. Next time I go there, I will make sure that I watch it.

Okay, enough with the sayings. Not really many pictures, but enough to tell :)

There was a pretty awkward moment when we took the last picture. We wanted to take the photo with three of us on the same clothes with the castle as the background, using a tripod. So did we use the self-timer to take the picture. When we saw the result, it was pretty a good picture. But at the night when me and Felly were eating ice-cream, I realized that it wasn't a photo AT ALL, but a video. It was really stupid. And at the end, I print-screen-ed the video and finally got this picture. I know it was a stupid idea, but at least it worked out :P

I promised myself this won't be the last time I went to Hongkong Disneyland. I'll go there at least for the other two times, once with my family, and the other one with my future boyfriend, when I already have one haha :P

Well, Hongkong Disneyland, smell ya later~


Holla! Long time no see, ay? Hehe sorry for being missing, there's too much things to do, while time really is flying too fast. It's already June now! Been excited for a lot of things, like the finals, holidays (yaay!) and also my parents' coming in August :)

On April, I used to long so much for May to come, because I thought there would be so much fun-ness to be happening, but the fact was, May was really surprising to me, a lot of things happened (I mean, A LOT).

Remember Davin? The cute kid I told you all here? Well now, he's back to Indonesia and the good thing is he's cured from his sickness. Great, isn't it? The bad thing is, me longer can see him and to be honest I quite missed him (since he was able to get out from the hospital, he suddenly became the naughtiest boy ever). Hope to see you again, Davin, and I hope you will still remember Cici Santika well :)

On May 13th to 15th, me and the school-mates had a great trip to the Capital of Hakkas, 梅州 (Meizhou) and well, I did had fun there. We learned some about the Hakkanese Culture (eventhough I didn't really pay attention to them) and also ate a lot of meat everyday, since the Hakkas love meat, ohh how I wished I am one of them so I can eat meat every day I wanted LOL. We also watched a great performance of Hakkanese songs and dances, and also had a visit to a tea garden. Too bad that it was always raining when we're there, but somehow I did enjoy the trip very much. Well well, let pictures do the talking then :)

By the way, me Albert and Felly are going to Hongkong next week and we're heading to Hongkong Disneyland! This is pretty exciting for me since I've never been there before and I hope and I'm pretty sure it is going to be a great trip. Hope to see you soon, guys. Take care :)

Wednesday Afternoon

Hey there! What are you all up to now? Just a quick post so that you all know that I am still alive LOL. Been doing nothing much, except schools and other daily things.

The picture above was taken on Monday, April 4, 2011 when I was in Macau (yes, again, I know). I have to say that I'm kinda having a trauma on Macau. Just don't ask why, it was a looooong story and I don't even want to remember or even tell :P

This blog has been really lack of posts and I don't like it, but the thing is I don't really know what to write here because I actually didn't do anything good enough to share. But soon, if I have one, I'll share. Keep those words :)

Anyway it's been a new month now. April. Not really excited for this April because what I am waiting for now is May! Too many fun things to be happening in May and I am longing for them! By the way, in this April I have several goals that I have to reach in this month, and here they are :
  • waking up earlier (on seven, just like what Rebecca Black does :P)
  • spending less money because I tend to overspend on unnecessary things
If I am able to acomplish these goals, then I'll go get myself a prize, and it is a 135 BC Holga! I've been wanting this for quite a long time, and this time I'll try my best to get him!

Anyway, that's all for now. Now I'm off for a quick nap. Take care, people! :)

The Day I Met Davin

Nama anak laki-laki ganteng ini Davin. Umurnya masih kecil. Baru empat tahun mau masuk tahun kelima. Well mungkin waktu lu lihat foto dia ini, lu ga bakalan kepikiran penyakit apa yang sekarang dia sedang derita.

Kanker getah bening. Iya, emang kanker. Begitu mendengar kata kanker aja sebenarnya hati gue uda sakit banget. Anak sekecil ini, dia baru empat setengah tahun! Well sebenarnya kanker getah bening itu masih satu dugaan. Sekarang ini Davin lagi diperiksa dan lagi menunggu hasil cek-up dokter, apakah itu emang positif kanker apa bukan.

Minggu, 13 Maret 2011 adalah hari dimana gue bertemu Davin. Sebelumnya gue cuma pernah denger cerita dari Albert yang sekarang kerja di rumah sakit, tentang anak kecil yang menderita kanker. Dia dipindahkan dari Fu Da Hospital, yang adalah rumah sakit swasta, ke Guang Zhou Di Er Ren Min Yi Yuan, yang adalah rumah sakit pemerintah. Yang gue denger dari Albert sih katanya dokter di rumah sakit yang sekarang ini lebih bisa menangani dia, selain itu di rumah sakit yang kemarin itu ga ada bagian spesialis untuk anak-anak.

Gue sama Felly ke rumah sakit itu kemarin buat jemput Davin dan papanya, Om Richard, buat pergi ibadah ke gereja, karena kebetulan Om Richard ga tau jalan, dan ga bisa bahasa mandarin. Sebelumnya, kita uda diperingati sama Albert, katanya Davin kalau sama orang baru suka jutek. Tapi ternyata waktu gue dan Felly ke sana, dia langsung bisa ketawa, main bareng sama kita.

Beneran, gue bener-bener ga terima, kenapa anak sekecil itu harus dapet penyakit kayak gini.

Davin anaknya pinter. Dia ngerti orang-orang sekitarnya ngomongin apaan, dia bisa nyanyi. Tapi tetep aja, dia masih anak kecil yang pengen main, bukan seharian di rumah sakit, duduk dan terbaring seharian. Harusnya dia main sama temen-temen seusianya, nonton kartun kesukaanya, atau bersikap bandel seperti anak-anak pada umumnya. Dia ga seharusnya berhadapan dengan jarum suntik dan infus, atau tiap hari bertemu dokter dan suster, atau bahkan berada di negara asing yang dia bahkan ga tau lagi dimana.

Waktu gue dan Felly sampai ke rumah sakit, dia lagi diinfus ternyata. Akhirnya kita nungguin sampai infusnya selesai, lalu berangkat. Sebelum berangkat, suster mau nyabut dulu infusnya. Gue ngelihat sendiri waktu infusnya mau dilepas. Badannya ditempeli sesuatu yang gue ga tau itu apa. Dia nangis waktu itu. Dia teriak-teriak, "Papa Papa!". Jujur, gue sakit hati banget ngelihat dia kayak begitu.

Selama beberapa jam bersama Davin, gue melihat dia yang kalem, kadang juga lihat dia ketawa waktu gue ngasih teka-teki garing dengan boneka kodoknya. Di saat dia ketawa, gue juga ikutan senang, tapi ada satu sisi dalam hati gue yang rasanya tetep aja sakit.

Satu hal lagi yang bener-bener menyayat hati gue (oke gue tahu bahasa gue rada lebay, tapi emang itu yang gue rasakan), yaitu di saat gue ngelihat papanya Davin, Om Richard. Dia bener-bener satu sosok papa yang hebat banget. Dia tegar, dia kuat. Yang gue denger, dia bilang ke pembina gereja gue, "Ini bukan ujian dari Tuhan, tapi ini adalah satu cara Tuhan buat menguatkan iman kita." Menurut lu, berapa orang sih di dunia ini yang bisa ngomong kayak gitu dalam situasi begini?

Yang membuat gue sangat sedih adalah saat gue membayangkan perasaan Om Richard. Gue yakin banget di saat dia ngelihat Davin kayak begitu, pasti dia dalam hatinya berpikir agar dia aja yang menggantikan Davin, dia aja yang sakit, dia aja yang diinfus, dia aja yang disuntik, jangan anaknya. Dan gue tau, inilah perasaan semua orang tua ketika melihat anaknya sakit. Kita semua sebagai anak harus sadar akan hal ini, tentang besarnya kasih orang tua kita kepada kita.

Just so you know, Om Richard punya 4 anak, laki-laki semuanya. Yang paling gede umurnya baru 19 tahun ini. Davin itu anak ketiga. Setelah Davin masih ada satu adiknya lagi, yang usianya baru EMPAT BULAN. Dari cerita yang gue denger, Om Richard udah sekitar tiga bulan meninggalkan rumahnya yang di Maluku demi bawa Davin berobat, WHICH MEANS waktu dia meninggalkan rumah, usia adiknya Davin baru satu bulan. Ironis.

Di balik ketegaran Om Richard, dia tetep aja masih manusia biasa. Sewaktu ibadah, gue ngelihat sendiri gimana dia nangis waktu lagi pujian penyembahan. Gue yakin setiap kata dari lagu yang dia nyanyikan pasti terasa banget sama dia. Ga gampang pasti untuk menyanyikan "Tuhan Yesus baik" di saat seperti ini. Tapi Om Richard selalu percaya akan hal itu.

Kita mungkin ga bisa membantu apa-apa buat Davin dan Om Richard. Tapi satu hal yang gue yakin kita semua bisa lakukan buat mereka : DOA. Gue yakin di saat kita berdoa, Tuhan pasti bakal dengar kok. Dan setelah Dia mendengar doa-doa kita, dia yang bakal menjawabnya dengan cara-Nya sendiri.

Mungkin lu ga kenal Davin, sebaliknya Davin juga ga mengenal lu. Tapi gue bener-bener berharap, lu bisa bantu Davin, dengan cara lu sendiri. Sekarang ini gue sangat berharap untuk melihat mujizat. Gue berharap ini bukan kanker. Gue ga tau lah ini apaan, tapi gue sangat sangat sangat berharap ini bukan kanker.

Kalau lu uda meluangkan waktu lu buat baca ini, gue minta lu bisa meluangkan waktu sedikit lagi, buat masukin Davin ke dalam doa-doa lu. Cukup sebut namanya aja, gue yakin Tuhan udah tau apa yang ada dalam isi hati lu. If you care, please do, guys.

There can be miracles when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will, when you believe

When You Believe - Mariah Carey

Just Haven't Gotten Used To, Not Yet

From left to right :
1. Good-looking-hair only lasts until you get out from the hair-dresser :P
2. Meters/bowne shopping voucher I got yesterday from Ailing (and it has Tuzki on it!)
3. A few days after I got back to Guangzhou, Felly gave me Jay Zhou "The Era" Concert DVD she got from Hongkong, a green WWJD bracelet and a beautiful rainbow card. I loooove them so much. Just so you know, I planned to get the DVD myself and suddenly Felly gave me it. I am so happy, thank you Felly ♥

I've been wanted to post something to this blog for so long, but didn't have any idea what to post here until today I told myself that I have to write something tonight, and here I go :)

Ahh I haven't tell, I have gotten back to Guangzhou and this is my fourth semester in college. Still, so many classes to go to and what's even worse is I got class every Thursday night. I hate night classes, I really do. But anyway I'm still gonna have to do it and I have to do better this semester. Well I mean eat better, sleep better, play better :P

Another story. I went to Macau (again). I've been there like A LOT times and I counted the Macau stamps on my passport and there were 8 stamps on it, which means I've been there for eight times. But this time's trip was absolutely fun! I crazily had fun with Albert, Felly and Ci Sophie. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. Maybe I'll post the pictures after I get them from Ci Sophie or Felly, oh but we did took pictures with my instax. I'm sad I still haven't found any scanners yet T^T

Whoah I just realized that if I keep writing I'm gonna write a very long story about myself. Maybe it's enough for today. I'm just writing so that you all know that I still exist :P

Soooo wish you all have great days yah! Take a good care of yourself. God bless!


In this time of homecoming, Mom has been my very best friend. I talked a lot with her. Well eventhough the conversations between us were never something really important. Here I come with two examples of the conversations I had with Mom.

Scene 1 - February 14, 2011.
We were in the kitchen. Mom was preparing for lunch, while I was sitting, helping her peeling the garlics (Is peeling the right verb for garlics? Well, whatever).
Mom : Today is the valentine, right?
Me : Yes it is. Why are you asking that, Mom?
Mom : Nope, I just wondered, why didn't ***** (my ex's name, censored for the matter of privacy :P) send you any flowers or chocolate?
Me : Come on Mom. Ex is just an ex. Did he have to send those thing to me?
Mom : Well, of course he has to.....
Me : ARGH!
Mom : What happened?
Me : Great. I cut myself.

Scene 2 - February 16, 2011
We took the motorbike, heading to the market. Suddenly we saw a crazy man, sleeping on the street.
Mom : Look, your boyfriend.
Me : Well, look, your son-in-law.

Those were just some of many crazy things I talked about with Mom. She was just great, being a good friend for me. Well that is just one of million reasons why I love Mom <3

I Am Not Despicable

What was happening :
-Found out that I got minus on my left eye. Not much, only about 0.25 but I am going to get my glasses soon after I get back to Guangzhou. You know, glasses there are much cheaper than here in Indonesia.
-Something different from this Chinese New Year. Granny gave me a special red pocket (angpau). She gave me money in Chinese RMB (which I can spend). The others gave me rupiahs, which pretty much I don't know where to spend it and maybe I am going to give them all to Mom.
-Yay finally somebody told me that I got slimmer! *jump happily*
-The internet connection has been so bad to me. It sucks when it comes to me, but it does not when it comes to the other person grr*

The other news, which was not really important, yesterday I (finally) watched Despicable Me. It was a very very very cute movie. Just like what everybody does, I love Agnes! She definitely is the cutest creature ever. Here, I love this part (I bet all of you do too) :P

Well well of course I do remember what day today is. But just so you know, I am not really a kind of person who celebrates Valentine. The V day for me is just the same old day for me. Beside that all people were busy spending money on chocolates and flowers. But hey, I will be glad if I get some too haha #plakk

Happy Valentine!

For those who have couples to share love with, for those who are single, for those who are married, for the oldies, for the youngster, for the children, err... For everybody! Happy valentine and remember to always be in love with each other :)

Dahh I almost forgot. I already made some differences in the blog. What do you think about it? By the way I was making the header using the free clip-arts downloaded from the puglypixel. Go take a visit to the website if you want to get some freebies too :))

Tell Me What To Do

Whoah it is already February! It is unfair how time flies that fast and I feel like I haven't even done anything good for this year. And if I usually made a recap post on what I did on the month before, I won't do it this time. No other reason, simply because I am lazy to :P

Let me tell you about this holiday trip. One word to describe : booooring. Haven't met any of friends here and having absolutely nothing to do on the holidays. Well my trip to Siantar (my hometown) was fun indeed. It was great to meet Granny, many of my fussy aunts :P and also my lovely cousins. Too bad that I did not take many pictures. Well we did take some pictures, but they were all taken using Mom and my cousins' berries so I was unable to copy them to the PC or anything.

Here I have one of the pictures we took during our "big" dinner with the whole big family. We had hot-pot together. From left to right : Mom - Eldest Aunt - Granny - Me

Super bad quality picture. As I've said before, taken using the berry's camera. So, here it is.

There are still weeks before coming back to Guangzhou. Still weeks with boredom and loneliness :P Well I supposed to be meeting Meta today but let's just see if I really am going or not because looks like I am also going to the movie with the whole family, watching Green Hornet. Brr I can't wait to watch Jay soon :3

By the way I am planing to change the appearance of the blog soon. As what I told before, I get bored just so easily. Kinda thinking to change the blogspot address too. I think anotherwaytotherainbow is too long and maybe my name will fit better in the address? I don't know. Just wait for them then, pals. When the laziness has left me :P


After hours of bus trips and plane trips, after hours of waiting and waiting, after mie goreng pedas gila and es teh manis, after Little Fockers, Hoka Hoka Bento and bistik ayam, after delays and crybabies, after...... Before this post get the award for the most boring post ever, I'm going to declare to you all : I AM FINALLY HOME :D

PS. It is kinda strange to access facebook and blogger without proxies. It was just... too easy?

The Era

Haha now I am going to spread my happiness. Who knows where I've been last week? If you are following my blog, then you must have known that I went to Jay Chou's World Tour Concert. It was like a dream came true! I can not even believe that I was there.

It was on Saturday, January 15, 2011. Before going to the concert, me and Meity, Hansel and Meycia had our lunch at Guangzhou's Indonesian cuisine restaurant - Pandan. It was kinda funny that I ate Indonesian food just a week before going back to Indonesia. The food was superb!

After having lunch, we went straight to Tianhe Sport Center, where the concert was held. The show was on 8 but we arrived there around 3. Imagine, waiting for about five hours. So we spent time taking pictures, buying some Jay's souvenirs and so so so on. I bought a t-shirt with Jay on it :D

By the way, I was wearing the hoodie Jane bought me as birthday present. It has Jay on it and I love it very very very much. Thanks Jane ♥

There was a big board of Jay's picture and we could stick some sticky notes as greetings for Jay's birthday. His birthday was on January 18 by the way. Meity wrote one but I did not, because I know Jay would never read it, so never mind it :P

Waiting is so boring that we finally went to Starbucks and had some drinks as we wait and at about six we got back to the concert arena.

Okay, after waiting and waiting (and some crazy picture takings and also instax :D) at about 6.30 we finally got into the concert arena and I was just like freaking excited. Whoah it was so unbelievable. There were millions of people watching the concert.

Just so you know, I was so far away from the stage. But who cares when you can see Jay? Haha.

One word to describe the whole concert : PERFECT. It really was!

There were still so many pictures of the concert but it was impossible to upload all of those so here they are. Hope you all at least know how the concert was. I really hoped that it won't be the first and the last concert that I watched but I hope one day I'll go again. I have to. Haha.

Well, thanks God for another rainbow :)