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Day Thirty

"A photograph of yourself today +
three good things that have happened in the past 30 days."

Lalala this is the last part of the "30 Days Blog Challenge" which I have neglected for so loooong. I've been losing interest in finishing the challenge so I never continued doing this and today I finally ended it!

The silly picture was taken just now, at my dorm's room, with my roommate, Natalie, as the background :P

Ahem about three good things that happened in the past thirty days. Well let's say they were the good things that happened during December 2010. Well as usual, I always made a recap on what happened every single month, so I guess I'm going to do it again in this post.

1. The One - December 11, 2010
This was the Christmas celebration of GBI Guangzhou. Some mistakes still occured during the show but it still ended nicely I guess. The most breath-taking Christmas of mine :P

 2. Jay Zhou Concert Ticket - December 14, 2010
No, I haven't been to the concert yet, but this day I finally hold the ticket and it was freaking exciting for me. Can't wait to be on the show on January 15, 2011!

3. Christian Lifestyle - December 25, 2010
The most fun outing that I have ever been! The weather was freaking cold and we were going hiking to Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain, but it was FUN! The kids were doing so cool and we were all having so much fun. And this year's Christmas had gave me so many presents (the real presents, and also great friends as the presents :D)

4. Macau Macau Macau - December 31, 2010
Yep, I was going (again) to Macau. I don't even know how many times I have ever been there. But this time, I went there with roommates and we were crazily having fun. Many stupid photo-takings and other. But the new year countdown were cheesy, no fireworks as what I wished. I'll make another post about this (:

See, I even listed four good things! Haha well I know declare that the "30 Days Blog Challenge" is now OVER! Hello, freedom :P

Well, hoping that even though I no longer have post challenge, I will keep posting on blogs. Wish me luck, people. Haha. Take care you all <3

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