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The Era

Haha now I am going to spread my happiness. Who knows where I've been last week? If you are following my blog, then you must have known that I went to Jay Chou's World Tour Concert. It was like a dream came true! I can not even believe that I was there.

It was on Saturday, January 15, 2011. Before going to the concert, me and Meity, Hansel and Meycia had our lunch at Guangzhou's Indonesian cuisine restaurant - Pandan. It was kinda funny that I ate Indonesian food just a week before going back to Indonesia. The food was superb!

After having lunch, we went straight to Tianhe Sport Center, where the concert was held. The show was on 8 but we arrived there around 3. Imagine, waiting for about five hours. So we spent time taking pictures, buying some Jay's souvenirs and so so so on. I bought a t-shirt with Jay on it :D

By the way, I was wearing the hoodie Jane bought me as birthday present. It has Jay on it and I love it very very very much. Thanks Jane ♥

There was a big board of Jay's picture and we could stick some sticky notes as greetings for Jay's birthday. His birthday was on January 18 by the way. Meity wrote one but I did not, because I know Jay would never read it, so never mind it :P

Waiting is so boring that we finally went to Starbucks and had some drinks as we wait and at about six we got back to the concert arena.

Okay, after waiting and waiting (and some crazy picture takings and also instax :D) at about 6.30 we finally got into the concert arena and I was just like freaking excited. Whoah it was so unbelievable. There were millions of people watching the concert.

Just so you know, I was so far away from the stage. But who cares when you can see Jay? Haha.

One word to describe the whole concert : PERFECT. It really was!

There were still so many pictures of the concert but it was impossible to upload all of those so here they are. Hope you all at least know how the concert was. I really hoped that it won't be the first and the last concert that I watched but I hope one day I'll go again. I have to. Haha.

Well, thanks God for another rainbow :)

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