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出 (SAIDA) 口

The title was taken from my roomate's album in Facebook for our trip's picture to Macau on the new year's eve. It means the exit door. Like what I promised before I'll tell more about my trip to Macau a couple days ago.

This wasn't the very first time I went there so I wasn't that excited to be there. I actually did not want to go, but because this year was my roomate's last year of college and she asked me to go with them so I did.

Not much to do when we got there. As usual, The Ruins of St. Paul is always a choice. We got there at about 3, checked-in to the hotel, put the baggages into the room then took a bus to the ruins.

After milk tea, eggtarts and Ireland Potatoes (yum) we got back to the hotel and prepared for the night. For your information, my roomate's boyfriend is also coming with us, but you won't find any single picture of him here. I don't know why haha. After making up and so on, we headed to the Venetian and got something for dinner. I chosed Japanese as mine while we also ordered a super cheesy Pizza Pizza (the most expensive pizza I have ever eaten EVER zzz).

See? Sianti was dressing up while me and Natalie still wear the same outfits like what we wore in the afternoon. Well Natalie changed her jacket. I did not bring anything with me when I went there, excepts lotsa snacks. Beng-beng is my bff now haha.

Err about the countdown. The countdown was as cheesy as the expensive pizza (brr). After counting down from 10 to 1, everybody was like "OHH HAPPY NEW YEAR!". After that, everybody is going home. Just like that. No fireworks, no shoutings or what-so-ever. Later I found out that Macau doesn't allow fireworks in the city. Don't know why.

Now let's skip the cheesy new year's countdown. Right after that, we got back to the hotel. Just like what everbody else did. Preparing for the next day, to get home.

The next day, I thought we were going straight back to Guangzhou, but I was wrong. Guess what, we got back to the ruins (AGAIN) just for the milk tea. For the sake of the milk tea :P

Well, not much for this trip. This trip was about having crazy fun, polaroid pictures (ohh I got to have mine soon!), crazy selfcam pictures, silly candid pictures and also milk tea!

Remember I mentioned silly candid pictures? Saw any before? Now I'll show you what I meant. Here are some of my favorite shots ever! Haha.

This is what happened when you don't know how to capture with iPhone 4

The lost kid cried, "I want Mommy".

Err miss photographer, could you please count before taking a shot?

HAKAKAK and this is my favorite EVER. I laughed till I cried looking at this.

Haha I like this one. CUTE :3

I badly want this :(

That was the sneak-peek of what I did during my new year's eve. I was having fun. How about you all? Having the same fun? Or even better? Ahh wait. I bring something special for all of you. Special from Macau to all of you! MILK! Let me introduce you all the cutest milk boxes ever (I mentioned this on twitter and facebook too haha). Here comes my old new pal, VITASOY!

Haha like it like I do? Well this is all my report for the Macau trip. Hope you all had fun like I did then. Again, wish you all a happy new year. Better year for better us!

Well, gotta get back to homeworks and assignments now. They are all trying to kill me grr*

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