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In this time of homecoming, Mom has been my very best friend. I talked a lot with her. Well eventhough the conversations between us were never something really important. Here I come with two examples of the conversations I had with Mom.

Scene 1 - February 14, 2011.
We were in the kitchen. Mom was preparing for lunch, while I was sitting, helping her peeling the garlics (Is peeling the right verb for garlics? Well, whatever).
Mom : Today is the valentine, right?
Me : Yes it is. Why are you asking that, Mom?
Mom : Nope, I just wondered, why didn't ***** (my ex's name, censored for the matter of privacy :P) send you any flowers or chocolate?
Me : Come on Mom. Ex is just an ex. Did he have to send those thing to me?
Mom : Well, of course he has to.....
Me : ARGH!
Mom : What happened?
Me : Great. I cut myself.

Scene 2 - February 16, 2011
We took the motorbike, heading to the market. Suddenly we saw a crazy man, sleeping on the street.
Mom : Look, your boyfriend.
Me : Well, look, your son-in-law.

Those were just some of many crazy things I talked about with Mom. She was just great, being a good friend for me. Well that is just one of million reasons why I love Mom <3

I Am Not Despicable

What was happening :
-Found out that I got minus on my left eye. Not much, only about 0.25 but I am going to get my glasses soon after I get back to Guangzhou. You know, glasses there are much cheaper than here in Indonesia.
-Something different from this Chinese New Year. Granny gave me a special red pocket (angpau). She gave me money in Chinese RMB (which I can spend). The others gave me rupiahs, which pretty much I don't know where to spend it and maybe I am going to give them all to Mom.
-Yay finally somebody told me that I got slimmer! *jump happily*
-The internet connection has been so bad to me. It sucks when it comes to me, but it does not when it comes to the other person grr*

The other news, which was not really important, yesterday I (finally) watched Despicable Me. It was a very very very cute movie. Just like what everybody does, I love Agnes! She definitely is the cutest creature ever. Here, I love this part (I bet all of you do too) :P

Well well of course I do remember what day today is. But just so you know, I am not really a kind of person who celebrates Valentine. The V day for me is just the same old day for me. Beside that all people were busy spending money on chocolates and flowers. But hey, I will be glad if I get some too haha #plakk

Happy Valentine!

For those who have couples to share love with, for those who are single, for those who are married, for the oldies, for the youngster, for the children, err... For everybody! Happy valentine and remember to always be in love with each other :)

Dahh I almost forgot. I already made some differences in the blog. What do you think about it? By the way I was making the header using the free clip-arts downloaded from the puglypixel. Go take a visit to the website if you want to get some freebies too :))

Tell Me What To Do

Whoah it is already February! It is unfair how time flies that fast and I feel like I haven't even done anything good for this year. And if I usually made a recap post on what I did on the month before, I won't do it this time. No other reason, simply because I am lazy to :P

Let me tell you about this holiday trip. One word to describe : booooring. Haven't met any of friends here and having absolutely nothing to do on the holidays. Well my trip to Siantar (my hometown) was fun indeed. It was great to meet Granny, many of my fussy aunts :P and also my lovely cousins. Too bad that I did not take many pictures. Well we did take some pictures, but they were all taken using Mom and my cousins' berries so I was unable to copy them to the PC or anything.

Here I have one of the pictures we took during our "big" dinner with the whole big family. We had hot-pot together. From left to right : Mom - Eldest Aunt - Granny - Me

Super bad quality picture. As I've said before, taken using the berry's camera. So, here it is.

There are still weeks before coming back to Guangzhou. Still weeks with boredom and loneliness :P Well I supposed to be meeting Meta today but let's just see if I really am going or not because looks like I am also going to the movie with the whole family, watching Green Hornet. Brr I can't wait to watch Jay soon :3

By the way I am planing to change the appearance of the blog soon. As what I told before, I get bored just so easily. Kinda thinking to change the blogspot address too. I think anotherwaytotherainbow is too long and maybe my name will fit better in the address? I don't know. Just wait for them then, pals. When the laziness has left me :P