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Wednesday Afternoon

Hey there! What are you all up to now? Just a quick post so that you all know that I am still alive LOL. Been doing nothing much, except schools and other daily things.

The picture above was taken on Monday, April 4, 2011 when I was in Macau (yes, again, I know). I have to say that I'm kinda having a trauma on Macau. Just don't ask why, it was a looooong story and I don't even want to remember or even tell :P

This blog has been really lack of posts and I don't like it, but the thing is I don't really know what to write here because I actually didn't do anything good enough to share. But soon, if I have one, I'll share. Keep those words :)

Anyway it's been a new month now. April. Not really excited for this April because what I am waiting for now is May! Too many fun things to be happening in May and I am longing for them! By the way, in this April I have several goals that I have to reach in this month, and here they are :
  • waking up earlier (on seven, just like what Rebecca Black does :P)
  • spending less money because I tend to overspend on unnecessary things
If I am able to acomplish these goals, then I'll go get myself a prize, and it is a 135 BC Holga! I've been wanting this for quite a long time, and this time I'll try my best to get him!

Anyway, that's all for now. Now I'm off for a quick nap. Take care, people! :)

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