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Holla! Long time no see, ay? Hehe sorry for being missing, there's too much things to do, while time really is flying too fast. It's already June now! Been excited for a lot of things, like the finals, holidays (yaay!) and also my parents' coming in August :)

On April, I used to long so much for May to come, because I thought there would be so much fun-ness to be happening, but the fact was, May was really surprising to me, a lot of things happened (I mean, A LOT).

Remember Davin? The cute kid I told you all here? Well now, he's back to Indonesia and the good thing is he's cured from his sickness. Great, isn't it? The bad thing is, me longer can see him and to be honest I quite missed him (since he was able to get out from the hospital, he suddenly became the naughtiest boy ever). Hope to see you again, Davin, and I hope you will still remember Cici Santika well :)

On May 13th to 15th, me and the school-mates had a great trip to the Capital of Hakkas, 梅州 (Meizhou) and well, I did had fun there. We learned some about the Hakkanese Culture (eventhough I didn't really pay attention to them) and also ate a lot of meat everyday, since the Hakkas love meat, ohh how I wished I am one of them so I can eat meat every day I wanted LOL. We also watched a great performance of Hakkanese songs and dances, and also had a visit to a tea garden. Too bad that it was always raining when we're there, but somehow I did enjoy the trip very much. Well well, let pictures do the talking then :)

By the way, me Albert and Felly are going to Hongkong next week and we're heading to Hongkong Disneyland! This is pretty exciting for me since I've never been there before and I hope and I'm pretty sure it is going to be a great trip. Hope to see you soon, guys. Take care :)

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