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Hey, Do You Remember Me Or How To Say My Name?

Guess who's back! Haha seriously I even forget that I owned something people called "blog". It's been so looooooong after the last time I posted here and now I don't even know what brought me here again.

So, JUST IN CASE there's just anybody who's been wondering where I've been missing or how I've been doing in these past six months (:P), well the answer is : I've been doing SUPER! Hey, I'm in my fifth semester of college now. Ugh it's just amazing how time flies so fast.

This new semester gives me a lot of surprises and lotsa new experiences and I really really really really (did I already say really?) happy about them. Guys, since it's been a long time since I blog, may I may I make a long list about what I've been doing these times? Haha I just missed listing everything like what I used to do in this blog.

Quick updates of @taniadysastika in late 2011 :
  • My hair no longer is curly, I cut them.
  • Felly is back to Indonesia now and I kinda missed her.
  • School Schedule is killing me. Classes everyday and I HATE MONDAY! :P
  • Visited more cities in China : 北京 (again), 天津,and 西安!
  • Had Dad Mom and Granny coming to China last August.
  • Sister's joining me here, in Guangzhou :D
  • Moved out to a new dorm, mee in B303.
  • Had a new baby called Instax 210 :))
  • Officially twenty and was having blast on my past birthday.
  • Meeting so many new awesome friends
  • Blessed Impact Generation, #PrayForTheNation at GBI Guangzhou!
  • Experiencing my very first Human Anatomy Class (yes I am a doctor now :P)
  • Finally visited Guangzhou Zoo after 2 years here.
  • FINALLY got myself a part-time job, thanks God :))
  • Had a baby fish now, his name's 小白!
I'm pretty sure I missed some things in the list but guess I should really stop before I win the award for the-most-boring-list-ever-made LOL. Now as usual, let's just let the pictures do the talking, shall we? I've chosen some pictures of this past six months' events and yeahh, here they are. PICTURES ATTACK!

I was having great times! And I really am grateful for every single thing that has happened in my life, for every single day God has given to me. For every single task He has put believe on me. I couldn't ask for anything better, really

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