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Eat List : Old Town White Coffee

This is my very first post about food. I was just thinking of sharing the places I've been to grab some delicious food. Today me and Oscar, choosed Old Town Restaurant to have our lunch.

Old Town is a franchise-based restaurant from Malaysia, so most food served here are Malaysian food. I went to Guangzhou Old Town which is located on Huangpu Avenue, Tao Yu Road.

Here are what we order today (from top to bottom) Nasi Lemak Special, BBQ Pork Egg Noddles and Wontoon Soup, Ice Cream Toast and also Kaya and Peanut Toast. The Menu book looks really good that I really wanted to order so much but since I can't eat too much (and my wallet won't stand if I do LOL) so we just order these.

Old Town is actually famous for its coffee, since it is a Coffee House. But I really am not a big fan of coffee so I did not order any.

This restaurant also sells instant coffees in packs so you may buy them and make your own Old Town Coffee at home. The price range of the food and beverages are about 7-50 RMB. Here are some randoms shots :)

Ratings by me :

Atmosphere ★★★☆☆  Food Taste ★★★☆☆ Price Range ★★★☆☆ Service ★★★★☆ Overall ★★★☆☆

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