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Pighead and Fish

The title is from a store where me and a friend of mine, Agustine, went to and managed to make (or bake?) a birthday cake for the other friend of mine. That was the very first experience for us in this baking cake thing and well, this is our story :)

This is a very nice small store, where as you can see that they have so many pretty things on their shelves, and a wall full of sticky notes (I love sticky notes!) and yeah, everything else. For those who are dummies on baking thing, just like me, no worries, there's gonna be a staff who's going to lead you step by step of the cake making.

Not only cakes, but you can also make puddings, cookies, even cheesecakes. There's gonna be a small "menu" book where you can choose the kind of cake you want to make. Like always, let the pictures do the talking! (Warning : it's gonna be a really long post of pictures)

It took us about almost two hours to finish all the processes but it was real fun. So, do you want to see how our cake turned out to be? Well here it is, the Expectation Versus Reality LOL.

Me personally think that DIY cake is such a great idea for gifts, I mean when you received a gift which was handmade by the person who gave you that, won't you feel so special? Well to me, DIY things are the best! With a cake and a handwritten notes on birthday cards, a birthday would be perfect. Well, that person should have thought so :P

For you who's living in Guangzhou and want to try these DIY cake things, you may come to the store at 北京路步行街 (Beijinglu Pedestrian Street) and go to the 光明广场 (Guang Ming Plaza) on the 2nd floor. Happy DIY :))

Miss Painter

Has anyone been missing me? LOL don't really think so :P Well the excuse is I've been busy. Old excuse I know. Just dropping by here and realized that haven't really touched this blog for quite a long time. Well this time I'm coming with an introduction of my new hobby that I've been doing these several months. Nail art, it is :) 

Been really interested in nail art since I was in junior high school and I remembered that I used to be obsessed with the piano nail art (which I haven't tried to do until now) and the day finally came when I started to buy some nail art kit, nail polishes, dotting tools and other several things. Here, take a look at some of my nails.

From top to bottom :
(1) Inspired by Disney's UP nails, the flying(?) house.
(2) Simple Clouds
(3) Ancient Jade's Floral
(4) Cookie Monster
(5) Pacman
(6) Despicable's Me Minions (which I drew for my sister)
(7) Avengers 

Well, as a beginner I know that I'm not doing really good yet and I failed sometimes, but I believed practice makes perfect and that's why I'll keep trying :) What do you think about the nails? Any comments?

Ahem, by the way I have another tumblr account where I post most of my nails pictures. You may visit it here, and if you're willing to follow it if you like it, I'll be really glad. So, thanks for reading and until next time. Ciao!