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Perfect Summer Day

Jane already knew that I'm going to post about this before I do LOL. So it was a very hot day but the sky was so clear. After having lunch with several friends, me, Chintia, Jane and Tika headed to Guangzhou Shamian Island, the A plan was to study for the finals, but well, I bet you can guess how we ended (read : not studying AT ALL) LOL.

Shamian, previous known as Zhongliusha or Shicuizhou, is an elliptic sandbar in the Liwan District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. The island's name literally means "sandy surface" in Chinese. Surrounded by water, Shamian is just like a giant ship mooring alongside the wharf. Get further and one will find that the island is carefully planned. Three east-west avenues, Shamian North Avenue, Shamian Avenue and Shamian South Avenue, and five north-south streets, Shamian Street 1 to Shamian Street 5 divide the whole area into 12 parts, with various buildings, namely White Swan Hotel, Shamian Hotel, and Poland Consulate in Guangzhou, scattered around. (data from here).

So I brought my Instax Holga lens with me and took sooooooooo many pictures there. I really loved almost all the pictures. It was hard to choose which ones to post on the blog, but well here are some I loved most :) WARNING : LOADS OF PICTURES.

What do you think? Pretty, aren't they? :) I will definitely give that place another visit next time. It has been a really beautiful day for me and I hope you all were having good ones too. Good night, fellas.

Happy Pills

Holla! Today I'm gonna take you all for a "galau" trip (so did Agustine name it) to Guangzhou's well known  Pearl River a.k.a 珠江. Me and Agustine spent some time on a boat trip sailing along the Pearl River for approximately 50 minutes.

I'm somehow embarrassed that been here in Guangzhou for almost three years but haven't been doing this while Agustine on her first year, this already was her second visit LOL.

The trip starts everyday on 8 PM while me and Agustine were already there at around 7, so did we wait patiently for the trip to start. By the way it took us 48 Chinese Yuan per person for a single trip (it's for the seats on 2nd floor, seats on 1st floor cost less) , not cheap but not expensive too if I can say. But the fun we had was worth the money :D So, are you ready for it? 

Here we go here we go!
Can you see the Canton Tower there? :D
Sorry for the not-so-good pictures. My pocket camera is kind of sucky when it comes to moving objects (I mean the boat not the buildings LOL) and too bad that just when we're getting so clooooooose to the Canton Tower, my camera ran out of battery that I couldn't take any more picture. But don't you agree that the view was so great? :D

Was having a real good night, haha Agustine was right. Sitting on a boat, feeling the summer night breeze, who wouldn't feel "galau"? Talked about separating thingy and how people sometimes are annoying because some people just care too much about what you've been doing but at the other point those people were just trying to be nice to you. Well, people :P

I hope you're enjoying this post just like I am hehe. Was planning to spend the rest of the day doing nothing, had one of the finals this morning and found myself couldn't answer so many questions *pasrah mode : ON* LOL. So, that was it then. Have a great day you peeps!

Sushi Frenzy


Watch out, sushi lovers, you're gonna want to grab sushi right after reading this post (or maybe not LOL). So today me, Agustine and Chintia went to POPark Mall to grab some sushi buffet in a Japanese hotpot and sushi buffet restaurant called 友人馆 (Yujinkan, its English name if I am not mistaken). And with the budget of 69 Chinese Yuan per person, here are what we got.

These kiddos, deciding what to eat as if they're working on a final exam LOL
Excited kiddo is excited *at first* LOL

"Please don't spoil meeeeee"

Classic pose, as always.
With the total 82 pieces of sushi for three, I think I've had enough sushi buffet for the rest of my college life. This was the fourth sushi buffet I had and I don't think I'm going to want another one LOL. So if any of you thinking to let me join another sushi buffet, you'll definitely get a big no from me LOL.

That's it for today, me gonna have a final tomorrow. Didn't prepare anything so just hope I'll be having enough luck tomorrow LOL. Nighty night!

Love Is A Verb

Been having a super super great weekend. Having a "mini" picnic with Ci Olin and Jeremia, experiencing another great Saturday Youth Service, spending a lovely day with old friends and some new friends (yay!) and of course, eating good food haha. 

Menu for the picnic : Rock and Roll Jelly LOLOL
My lovely Yuekenlu II <3 Ci Sas' gonna miss you all :)
Good friends good food yeyeye.

Freshly picked plums LOL
Happy kiddo is happy, tired kiddo is tired LOLOL.
Sooooooooo many things to be grateful for. I'm really thanking Him of every single thing He's given me, really don't know how to express it. Anyway, how about your weekend? I hope you all had great weekends just like I did. Take care guys!

Playing Holga

Got nothing to do few days ago and suddenly the idea of playing with my Instax Holga Lenses popped up hehe. I got two Holga lenses for my old Fujifilm Instax 7s. Those lenses were a birthday gift one best friend  of mine (sister!) gave to me and I have been really liking them :) Not gonna blab too much and I'll just show you the results. I was using only one lens, it was the Holga K200NM Wide Lens 0.5X, as you can see at the picture above. Well the results reminds me of the fish eye, even though they're not that similar.

By the way, before proceeding to the pictures (easy, guys) I'm gonna tell that these pictures below are the pictures of my room. I've been living in dormitory since I first came to China and if any of you don't know how living in a dorm was like, now you do :)

Just some almost-done school gate's construction.
If you spotted "something" just ignore them PS. they weren't mine, I swear LOLOL
Okay guys, they were all the pictures I took from my room's balcony. Now we're gonna continue this "tour" and heading to MY personal space. Brace yourself, messiness is coming hahaha. You know college student LOL #cliche. Well, *drumrolls* here it is :D

My favorite shot among all.
Okay, now you see the mess LOL

As you can see, I'm a printed pictures freak, mini instaxes, photoboxes, pictures in frames, you name it. Ahh they're so pretty haha. And that was all I can show you. I'm still craving for a lomo camera since I haven't owned any. Btw if you spotted a Holga 135BC, it wasn't mine but my friend's. But I'm longing to get one from myself to. Have tooooo!

By the way, here's a song that I've been liking so much, Jason Mraz's Who's Thinking About You Now. At first I was not really into this song but when I read the lyrics, uhh they're too good. Do have a listen! 

Well thanks for even reading, guys. I'm gonna spend the whole night listening to Jason Mraz's Love Is A Four Letter album over and over again, since he is holding a concert in Indonesia but there's no way I could watch it. But that's okay, I'm holding my own "mini-concert" here LOL.

I want to be the one to help you ignore Mr. Loneliness peeking his head  into your door
I'm hoping you can feel me, I'm hoping you can feel me in your chest, chest, yeah
I'm hoping that you notice how you're blessed, yeah