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Back For Good

just a shot of one of my favorite baby :P

Having a very great lunch with Jane and Chintia at Saizeriya, planned to go to Pizza Hut (yes, again!) though but got to wait for too long that we decided to move. Saizeriya, the best affordable and college-students-friendly-priced Italian restaurant LOL no pictures though, took some but don't think they're good so decided not to post it haha.

Today at Youth Service we were holding a farewell for some friends of us. You know, studying abroad makes this come-and-going people seemed to be a very common thing each semester, but it does not make this farewell any less harder for us, parting from your friends, you know those things.

Sadly didn't take proper pictures because I was not able to take the pictures because I got to handle the event. Here are some I got.

Until next time, fellas :)
Me and Jer's "couple pimples" but yet he is more like showing his dimple than his pimple LOLOLOL

Agustine stated something really good to us, she said that we're all just like the caterpillars, we're all one day are going to turn into beautiful butterflies and we believed that if we meet again someday, we all have transformed into those butterflies. Amen to that :)

Designed by me, background textures from Flickr.
Anyway, just finished doing some simple nail-art, just feeling that it has been long since the last one, but too lazy to do some difficult-drawings, yet decided to paint the nail some pinky-orange with some white floral accents, trying to make it cute but fails perfectly LOL.

Don't even ask what happened to the right hand *sigh*
By the way, don't you think that June has been passing really quick? It is already the mid of June and just in couple of weeks the mighty final exams will come, the deadlines of thesis *sigh* and after that, homecoming! Need to save more money for vacation plan too duh. Haha been blabbing way too much. 到此结束吧哈哈哈 (read : let's end it here). Have a great weekend, fellas!

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