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Dying To Be Freed

HELP! Been stuck on doing assignments (ω) Been working on it for up to five hours and still haven't finished it yet (of course, with twitter, facebook and all these things on, what do you expect? LOLOLOL) So here I am, decided to stop for a while after 有关“鸡”的成语 (read: idioms that have something to do with chicken, sigh yes that's what I was writing) LOL finally decided to give my love blog a visit, did make a change on the side header though, somehow thought the old moving gif is a little bit annoying, better keep it simple.

Anyway anyway anyway *read this with annoying girl sound* just gonna share today's highlight. Went to Ceteler to grab lunch. It was my first visit there (for food) and was trying the Hainanese Chicken Rice. When you see the picture, trust me it tasted exactly like how it looks, shouldn't have tried it *ahem* I mean it wasn't the best choice for lunch, if you know what I mean LOL. 

Here here some flowers to make this blog a little prettier LOL 
*drumrolls* THAT Hainanese Chicken Rice :P
Sister's couple expression?
Haha if Agustine find out I was posting this picture, she'll probably nag me :P
This kind of lighting is what I don't have at my room, just perfect for nail photos, no?

Enough with the blabbing, got to get back to work. Told myself that I won't be sleeping unless this freaking thesis is done. Haha but let's just see. Wish me luck!


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