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Hey, it's me again! I hope my posts' existence are not annoying you all, been really excited to write everything, especially this month haha and today I'm gonna introduce you the group which me and Agustine have been working on these days hehe.

Remember this post? It was the first video we published, even though it was not our very first project. Been starting since few months ago but did not take it too seriously. Well, we still don't though, were recording for fun, and still are just recording for fun LOLOL.

Couldn't find the best group name, but at last ended up choosing GOGI as the name. Sounds weird? I hope not :P Well GOGI actually comes from 90 and 91 which were me and Agustine's years of birth. Cheesy I know but hey, at least we're having fun from it :D

Went to a piano studio yesterday to record some songs with piano instrument but failed perfectly because the sound quality was super bad and at last ended up eating Chinese BBQ (a.k.a 烧烤) LOL. Sound recording fail but not with the shameless self-cams :P

Haha was silly I know. Well, I was hoping that we're going to record some again soon because Agustine will be back for good to Indonesia at the end of this June and I'm afraid there won't be any other chances to play with her anymore :( 

Good news (for me LOL), have finished most of the assignments *jumping happily*. I think there's just one last group assignment to be done and I'm ready for the finals (haha lying). By the way, am going to have a some Psychology-wanna-be subject final tonight. Hope I'll do well, kind of have to.

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