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A Good One

So long, Andreas. Cheers, for a better future!
Sometimes goodbye does not mean that God disallows us to stay together with the ones we loved. Maybe it's just that He's giving us chance to be independent, a chance to learn not to depend too much on anyone. Because you know, people, whoever they are, who came into your life will eventually "leave" you someday, someday. 

I never got to understand when people said there's something good in goodbye. But now I finally realize, there really is something good in it. It somehow taught us to treasure those around us before we know how awful it feels when we lose them, because you know I know, we usually don't know what we got until it's gone.

Seeing people you loved taking some steps further from you may hurt a lot, I experienced that, who didn't?  But anyhow I survived. Just like what I said, things go on, people move on. I believe time will help you recover and even if you no longer can see those faces you're missing, the good news is you'll get used to it. When those people move on with their new life, you do too. It just takes time.

However, missing someone may not feel really good. It kills you too see their faces right in front of you. But hey, look at the positive side. Each day without the person you missed is just another day before you actually will meet them :)

Again I will say, temporary goodbyes need not to be days with sorrows and the feeling of losing something precious in our life. Maybe it's just that He's giving time for us to part for a while, working on ourselves so that when we actually meet again, we grow and become a better person and be proud of each other. So, it really is a GOODbye.

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