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His Truly

Can't sleep at nights, couldn't stay awake at mornings. That's  what  happening  to  me these days. Maybe it's the "pre-finals-syndrom" or what, I don't know. 

The sad thing is my brain refuses to work well at days but it keeps me away from sleeping each night, popping thousands of random thoughts zZz. It was just this that suddenly popped out into my mind while I was in the middle of thinking.

When I was younger I just never could find out how could married couples stand being with just that one person in their lives. I mean, that face you'll be seeing every single day every single night FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Crazy it was for me, back then. 

But since now I am maybe quite a little older that I was before, you can say that now *ahem* I'm way more grown up. After some "deep" thinking and everything else, I have finally found out what those couples were standing for. Commitment, it is.

Have finally found the "secret recipe". And it was all so simple, actually. It's just the same thing going with your relationship with your father and mother, or maybe your siblings. No matter how annoying your brother or sister may be, no matter how hard you hate them but it will never, ever, change the matter of facts that they are still, your siblings. The same thing applies to you and your spouse (or your spouse-to-be), no matter how big the fight you both may get involved to, it won't change the fact that they are the person God has sent for you to be with you for the rest of your life.

Some said that the reason people may still stay together with their spouse is love, because he loves her, she loves him. Blah won't work out on me. Feeling may always change, I may love you in the morning and hate you at the night because of the stupid thing you did. That is feeling. And we know, feeling is the most undependable, probably the most uncertain thing in this world, if I could say. Well that's why to me this "I love you" thing is sort umm you know, haha sorry but I really don't know how to say it. 

Okay but my main point wasn't about the married couple and how they could last long in their marriage. It was about the commitment, got my point? Not just "that" kind of commitment that I was talking about, it was more about keeping the commitments we made in our lives, about anything. 

I was once committing to myself about something and then I realized that I started to take it for granted. I told God, "Lord, maybe I wasn't serious about what I said haha let me off this time, will You?" And I tried to escape from it, but I thanked God that He didn't let me instead He was reminding me through His words and I finally found out that yes, it was what God wants from me, and here I am now, still standing with what I was committing to. 

Never ever compromise about your commitment, if anyone's trying to let you down because of the commitment you made, just let them laugh at you, look down on you now, and just see who's the one who'll be laughing at the end. Trust me :)

Haha been blabbing way too much and it's been 2AM now. Will try to get some sleep and hope that it will work out. Excuse my randomness, please.

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