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Hot Hot Heat

Feeling really good since yesterday, for having a very blessed Saturday Youth Service and also spending a lovely and nice afternoon today with the girls, Agustine, Chintia and Jane at Old Town. Been there quite a lot these days, maybe it's because this Indonesian appetite that suit this place. So as usual, some shots of what we ate for lunch.

From top to bottom : Jane's Nasi Lemak Special, Agustine's Laksa Noodle something, my Luh Mee something, 
Chintia's noodle something (LOL forgot to see the names)

Well you know the thing we do when we got camera on our hands, there comes some shameless self pictures, candid(s) and everything else. So here they go, and please excuse our camwhoring skills (especially mine), you know girls :P

Okay, not going to annoy you any further with the pictures. Anyway, I'm going to join a badminton competition held by Guangzhou Indonesia's Consul General tonight, for the celebration of Indonesia's Independence Day which supposed to be on August but since most of the Indonesians here will be back to Indonesia on summer holiday later, so they held the celebration earlier. There will still be a flag ceremony on August 17th later though. 

I'm competing with some other students from another school, and with my sister as my team mate. I don't play badminton, to be honest. I'm joining this just for the purpose of having fun, but if we can win (AMEN!), it will be such a great thing haha. So, wish me luck maybe?

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