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Love Is A Verb

Been having a super super great weekend. Having a "mini" picnic with Ci Olin and Jeremia, experiencing another great Saturday Youth Service, spending a lovely day with old friends and some new friends (yay!) and of course, eating good food haha. 

Menu for the picnic : Rock and Roll Jelly LOLOL
My lovely Yuekenlu II <3 Ci Sas' gonna miss you all :)
Good friends good food yeyeye.

Freshly picked plums LOL
Happy kiddo is happy, tired kiddo is tired LOLOL.
Sooooooooo many things to be grateful for. I'm really thanking Him of every single thing He's given me, really don't know how to express it. Anyway, how about your weekend? I hope you all had great weekends just like I did. Take care guys!

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