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The Nineteen

Jane, busy-ing looking at the tea time menu ;)
Haha been blogging quite a lot these days, which I think is good and I hope this will last #fingercrossed. Been taking pictures of almost everything I see (and eat) and realized that bringing pocket camera everywhere is a right choice I made. Anyway, here are the pictures of the nice dinner I just had this evening with the girls.

Top to bottom : the drinks (Iced Supreme Milk Tea with Chocolate Pearl, Red Bean Smoothie, Yogurt Fruit 
Dance), Chicken Mushroom Soup, Signature Platter, Popcorn Chicken Pizza, Sirloin Steak

This blog may somehow turned to a food diary, but well who cares LOL. Anyway, just got home from celebrating one cell group friend's birthday, Charlie. Some of us came and gave him a little surprise and the good thing is he seemed happy :)

Charlie, the birthday boy!

He's turning 19, by the way. Yes, still so young *sigh* compared to me. Anyway, gonna get back to my "beloved" assignment. Got two thesis due to the next two weeks yet still haven't really started working on it. Until next time!

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