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Perfect Practice

Haylooooooow, report from 弘扬羽毛球馆 (read : Hong Yang Badminton Court). Just like what I mentioned this afternoon, me just had a badminton competition, with my sister as team mate. Not going to blab too much, here's some pictures. Ahem, self cams and crazy pictures included LOL.

Never judge a book by its cover. Things like this are such a luxury when you are studying
abroad. Taste of home, ya know LOL

Playing Running Man's Photo Game LOLOLOL

Here she is, team mate a.k.a sister, and we're the Super Couple :D
Excuse the bad looking and sweaty faces of mine, we don't have to look too "pretty" for a badminton game, do we? LOL. Well well well, those are the pictures we took before the game started. Everybody was still chilling and there was no pressure, but right after the game began, thing's getting tense and plus the super hot heat inside the court. Err, about my game, we lost at the first game LOL. It was such a pity, I was hoping I could bring at least one winning home. But well, practice makes perfect, which means no practice, hope no perfection. I don't play badminton so winning is not a very wise wishing though. But it was a great game after all :)

"Momma,  we're sorry, we lost"
Thanks for Agustine for taking most of the pictures today. I regret nothing, got the fun I wanted, and also the free dinner (and a chance of weight loss) LOL. Well, I'm coming again next year if there's another game. So, prepare yourself for my comeback. Until next year!

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