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Playing Holga

Got nothing to do few days ago and suddenly the idea of playing with my Instax Holga Lenses popped up hehe. I got two Holga lenses for my old Fujifilm Instax 7s. Those lenses were a birthday gift one best friend  of mine (sister!) gave to me and I have been really liking them :) Not gonna blab too much and I'll just show you the results. I was using only one lens, it was the Holga K200NM Wide Lens 0.5X, as you can see at the picture above. Well the results reminds me of the fish eye, even though they're not that similar.

By the way, before proceeding to the pictures (easy, guys) I'm gonna tell that these pictures below are the pictures of my room. I've been living in dormitory since I first came to China and if any of you don't know how living in a dorm was like, now you do :)

Just some almost-done school gate's construction.
If you spotted "something" just ignore them PS. they weren't mine, I swear LOLOL
Okay guys, they were all the pictures I took from my room's balcony. Now we're gonna continue this "tour" and heading to MY personal space. Brace yourself, messiness is coming hahaha. You know college student LOL #cliche. Well, *drumrolls* here it is :D

My favorite shot among all.
Okay, now you see the mess LOL

As you can see, I'm a printed pictures freak, mini instaxes, photoboxes, pictures in frames, you name it. Ahh they're so pretty haha. And that was all I can show you. I'm still craving for a lomo camera since I haven't owned any. Btw if you spotted a Holga 135BC, it wasn't mine but my friend's. But I'm longing to get one from myself to. Have tooooo!

By the way, here's a song that I've been liking so much, Jason Mraz's Who's Thinking About You Now. At first I was not really into this song but when I read the lyrics, uhh they're too good. Do have a listen! 

Well thanks for even reading, guys. I'm gonna spend the whole night listening to Jason Mraz's Love Is A Four Letter album over and over again, since he is holding a concert in Indonesia but there's no way I could watch it. But that's okay, I'm holding my own "mini-concert" here LOL.

I want to be the one to help you ignore Mr. Loneliness peeking his head  into your door
I'm hoping you can feel me, I'm hoping you can feel me in your chest, chest, yeah
I'm hoping that you notice how you're blessed, yeah

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