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Practice Makes Perfect

LOLOLOL don't even know if posting this is a right choice, but well later if I regret I'll maybe delete this post LOLOL easy. This afternoon me and Agustine got back from lunch and did ourselves some recording. We sometimes get together and sing and play guitar for fun. We used to record the songs too but they were not that good really. Well I'm not sure if this one's good in your opinion, but I pretty liked it.

We are not professionals, so please don't mind if the song was far from perfect. Any comment about it, anyway? Ahem, as a bonus (LOL) there was one person (no mention haha!) who posted a link on my facebook wall, wich was a Korean girl band 2NE1's song : Lonely, with a note on it "bisa nyanyi nya gak??haha", hmm sounds like a challenge to me, so here it goes.

Before, I would like to say sorry for those Korean people for ruining their language. When I first sing this song in front of my friends they said I sounded much more to an Arabian than Korean :|

I KNOW there were some notes I missed when I was singing it, but first thing first, I am not a singer, just singing for fun, moreover I am NOT a guitar player LOL I can play only the basic chords on C major or G major, like you can see I just used four basic chords on this song, which were G-D-Em-C. So please please please don't humiliate me because of this, but any feedback will be really really appreciated :D

As I always said, I believe practice makes perfect, so I'll keep practicing the singing, the guitar too *perhaps* and hope that I will improve better yay.

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