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Sushi Frenzy


Watch out, sushi lovers, you're gonna want to grab sushi right after reading this post (or maybe not LOL). So today me, Agustine and Chintia went to POPark Mall to grab some sushi buffet in a Japanese hotpot and sushi buffet restaurant called 友人馆 (Yujinkan, its English name if I am not mistaken). And with the budget of 69 Chinese Yuan per person, here are what we got.

These kiddos, deciding what to eat as if they're working on a final exam LOL
Excited kiddo is excited *at first* LOL

"Please don't spoil meeeeee"

Classic pose, as always.
With the total 82 pieces of sushi for three, I think I've had enough sushi buffet for the rest of my college life. This was the fourth sushi buffet I had and I don't think I'm going to want another one LOL. So if any of you thinking to let me join another sushi buffet, you'll definitely get a big no from me LOL.

That's it for today, me gonna have a final tomorrow. Didn't prepare anything so just hope I'll be having enough luck tomorrow LOL. Nighty night!

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