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When It Rains

Having lunch at The Holiday Cafe with Jane and Tika to eat the "infamous" (among college students here, esp. Indonesians) Honey Sauce Chicken then heading to Old Town (again) that Jane and Tika planned to work on their assignments there.

Happy kiddo is happy LOL
Not finding any of my pictures here? I'm giving you all a break from photos of me LOL. By the time I was making this post, Jane and Tika were still at Old Town while I was already back to the dorm. Can't stand this drowsiness I am feeling. Maybe it's because of the rain, or maybe because I had nothing to to while they're working on their assignments, or maybe because of the Cold Chocolate, I don't know. Anyway I'm going to meet my lovely bed now. Have a great day you all. God bless yaa.

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