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Don't Think, Just Shoot

Hey there, it's been long since my last post, isn't it? Coming home doesn't leave me many things to do, so I can simply summarize my activities with : eat, sleep, repeat. Seriously, I eat like a lot, like probably never stop chewing things. So, diet definitely is on the to-do-list next semester.

Didn't take many pictures during this vacation at Pekanbaru, but today what I'm going to share is my first Holga 135BC first roll's shoot (PS. the camera was not mine, but the film roll was. LOL) I took like so many pictures but there was only some left. Some are burnt, some are just empty slots, I don't even know why. The result was... I don't know how to describe them LOL.

I followed Lomography's first rule : DON'T THINK, JUST SHOOT. So here's the result of it LOL. They were not edited though (I can't even recognize some of the pictures).

Thanks Mister Willy for lending me the Holga :) Weird, huh? Most of the pictures are my sister's faces (LOLOL), the buildings behind my dorm and some pics I took on the street behind my dorm and also a blurry McDonald's sign I took at LCCT. But well, this is pretty exciting, I think. I'm considering should I get my own lomo? Any idea?

Soooo, this will be my last post from Pekanbaru, and also will be my last post in July. I'm heading to Phuket, Thailand this afternoon #yayness with the whole fam and will be back to Guangzhou at August 6th so I probably will blog again when I get there. I am so excited about this vacation trip and hope that I'll be able to share my journey later. Wish you have a great day, take care guys. Be blessed :)

Breakfast Date

Basic air-travelling guides for dummies, from, by and for Sastika Taniady :
1. If you're going to take a long plane trip, like for about 5 hours or more and you're afraid that you won't be able to sleep on the plane, simply make yourself super busy on the day before your departure, or simply get less sleep the night before so that when you board to the plane, all you'll die to get is just some proper sleep. But if you ended up can not sleep as well on the plane, oh well..
2. Low cost airlines companies (like Airasia, for example) usually do not provide blankets so make sure you bring your own blanket or AT LEAST bring a jacket with you. But if you ended up forgetting to bring any of them, oh well..
3.DO NOT do the packing thing one hour before going to the airport, just don't.

Guess who's home? Yes, I am blogging right now from home :) Been spending pretty much time on the plane since 1 in the morning today. Reached Kuala Lumpur at around 6 and managed to meet Agustine at LCCT and had some breakfast together at Old Town and then having Hojicha + Tea Jelly Frappuccino and doing silly things at Starbucks (camwhoring, also stalking at people's Facebook LOLOLOL).

I really have to say thank you very much, Belly for accompanying me for almost six hours at the airport (she came all the way to the airport really early in the morning just for this). And I am really really really touched haha. You should know that I really really really appreciate that. I am blessed to have such a friend like you. I hope we'll be meeting soon other time <3

So, here I am now at the place I called and still call home. Seeing the faces I've been missing (Pa, Ma and Bro) and I am feeling really thankful, grateful for all Lord has done for me. By the way, this is the new thing I found in Pekanbaru (read : food LOL)

Tasted pretty good though LOL. So, I'll be spending about one week (or maybe two) at Indonesia before having a family vacation to Thailand. Been feeling pretty excited. I am hoping that I'm gonna meet some old friends here but we'll just see. Thanks for reading, take a good care of yourself all. I'm gonna go to bed soon. Been so tired since I didn't get to sleep well for these past two days. God bless you all :)

Be Home Soon

So I only got around 15-20 minutes to make this post because I'll have to go to the airport very soon. Sigh I thought I got soooooooo much time but now I'm running out of time. My consequences as a last minute person LOL. So these are some pictures from this past week.

From top to bottom : (1) SALE, SALE everywhere (2) Having a date with myself to Beijinglu LOL
(3) A nail art challenge : Manchester United nail art. Not too bad, eh? (4) How messy my desk has been since the exam week started (5) Random photo, bright blue sky haha (6) Culinary trip with my lovely Jane 
and it was worth the one hour trip LOL (7) Visiting one of my heaven on earth, bookstore stationery corner (8) Random finding while going grocery shopping today : CORN CHO. Haven't tried it though but I'm expecting much from it haha (9) My chicken sub and friends (wheat cookie and double chocolate cookie loooooove) for afternoon snack :9 (10) My companion for tonight haha.

The other thing I'm gonna tell is a request from Jane LOL. She told me I have to tell this on my blog haha (here you go, Jane). So I was planning to eat a lot of thing today. I planned to get myself my favorite Marinara Meatballs Sub but when I get to Subway I found out that they no longer have it on the menu list (OH GOD WHY) and I ended up eating the chicken sub. The next thing is I planned to eat chow-mien as my last dinner in Guangzhou but when I was on the way to buy it, again I found out the hawker didn't come (or hadn't come when I got there) so I said to myself let's just eat instant noodle. My favorite one was the spicy beef something but THEY DID NOT SELL IT so I ended up eating that one above. Oh almost forgot. Planned to have Taiwanese Style Rice something but when I got there, THEY DID NOT HAVE IT. Oh why don't they let me eat? Just why? LOL. But what matters is I still got to eat something. That is still something to be grateful for, isn't it? Well sorry if this gets confusing because I am in a rush while typing this LOLOL.

Haha I really should be going soon. So just so you know I did my packing in less than 30 minutes LOL and now I'm ready to set off. Too bad I'll have to go by myself to the airport. Why would nobody go with me? Why? Why? (read with annoying girl sound LOL)

Okay I'm not kidding, I really got to go now. My summer holiday is waiting for me haha. So this will be my last posting from Guangzhou for this semester's period. The next posting will come from Indonesia (most likely) haha. So wish you guys have a pleasant holiday, vacation whatsoever and see you on the next posting. So long and good night. Ciao~

Remembering Sunday

Currently obsessed with Guangzhou's clear blue sky. I love to walk by and looking up, looking at the pretty blue sky and the clouds. Just looking at it makes me feel calm, suddenly feeling so blessed for being able to see beautiful thing like this, despite of the really dry hot weather. Being grateful of little things does make my days better :)

So today I was having a "farewell" dinner with Ci Olin, one of my church-mate, some of my so-called sister at church. Choosing Saizeriya, one of the most affordable and nicest Italian restaurant, well to me :P

Companion of the day <3
Ci Olin will be back to Indonesia for about seven months before coming back again to Guangzhou, and we both will be having our graduation together yaay. So before this temporary parting, we're having some kind of girls night out. Been talking about sooooooooooooooo much things (you know girls :P). I always feel like I can talk to this girl about everything. So, I guess I'll be seeing her in another seven months and will definitely have another "session" like this. She said she was waiting for "upgrades" from me. You know I know lah yaa Ci LOL.

So, been having a spectacular weekend and I'm being excited about the next upcoming week. Life's been treating me really good, well God who did though hehe. Until next time. Ciao~

To Be Grateful For

Been a hectic week, you know exam weeks always freak almost all people, didn't really apply to me but pretty much did LOL. The good thing is, there's only one more final to go and I will be freed, hooray! Simply missing posting things on the blog, but since the exam weeks restricted me to play (duh) so I can't help going anywhere but staying at dorm, every single day.

Do you see what I see? *wink*
I am in process of learning that every single day God has given to me is really a blessing. I am currently training myself to be grateful in every single condition that occurs, no matter it is a big thing or maybe just a tiny little thing that maybe you think it doesn't matter, but giving thanks in all situation does make your days better, trust me :) I remembered I read somewhere that says "Learn to give thanks, to be grateful about every little thing in life and you'll find out that your life is really full of blessings" and now I am applying this into my daily life and really, I feel like I am the most blessed person, if I could say so hehe.

So, even though this has been such a hectic week, but today am gonna list some little things that made my day full of His blessings (this week's special edition) :
  1. Got myself a pack of Garfield Fujifilm Mini Instax Film, been craving it for quite a while :3
  2. Improved myself in badminton skill (at least that's what my friend told me LOL)
  3. Managed to wake up earlier each day and not feeling drowsy for the rest of the day (believe me that counted as a "miracle" for a person like me haha)
  4. Even though didn't study that hard but was still able to work on the exams. Not craving for a perfect score though because I don't think I deserved it since I was not as hardworking as my other friends are, but as long as I pass the subject, I'll be really grateful, really. Haha.
  5. Had really good lunch and dinner today, (read : school canteen's food (with bacon!) for lunch and the best chow mien street food for dinner) ugh simply the best.
  6. Saw rainbow today! This is really really rare in Guangzhou and I don't think I saw thing like this before. It was waaaaaaaay clearer if you see it on your own. I almost left my digicam at dorm but I decided to bring it with me, guess that was a really good decision I took LOL.
As a closing, here, a song that is currently being one of my favorite on playlist. Not really a fan of K-POP, but songs like this never fails to make me love them haha try to listen and maybe you'll like it too. Well see you on the next post, take care!

Where is he? Should I call out his name?
If I call out in a big voice, will he hear? I'm missing you

Hello July

Time flies real fast, don't you agree? Just in a blink of an eye (halah) it is already the last half year of 2012. Don't know if I've been doing things well these times. Well, just a quick post about what's been happening on the past week. As usual, I was having great days :)

Nails of the week : Tribal nail art, major looooooooove <3
Darius' graduation, congraduation yay :3

Another *sigh* farewell, and now it's Agustine's turn

You will be missed, Belly LOL
Exam weeks already started and I just had a final this morning, didn't really study for it but THANKS GOD I was still able to answer the questions, well just hope for the best then. Really shouldn't keep being lazy like this. I need motivation LOL. Well, that's all for today, have a blessed July, fellas :)