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Don't Think, Just Shoot

Hey there, it's been long since my last post, isn't it? Coming home doesn't leave me many things to do, so I can simply summarize my activities with : eat, sleep, repeat. Seriously, I eat like a lot, like probably never stop chewing things. So, diet definitely is on the to-do-list next semester.

Didn't take many pictures during this vacation at Pekanbaru, but today what I'm going to share is my first Holga 135BC first roll's shoot (PS. the camera was not mine, but the film roll was. LOL) I took like so many pictures but there was only some left. Some are burnt, some are just empty slots, I don't even know why. The result was... I don't know how to describe them LOL.

I followed Lomography's first rule : DON'T THINK, JUST SHOOT. So here's the result of it LOL. They were not edited though (I can't even recognize some of the pictures).

Thanks Mister Willy for lending me the Holga :) Weird, huh? Most of the pictures are my sister's faces (LOLOL), the buildings behind my dorm and some pics I took on the street behind my dorm and also a blurry McDonald's sign I took at LCCT. But well, this is pretty exciting, I think. I'm considering should I get my own lomo? Any idea?

Soooo, this will be my last post from Pekanbaru, and also will be my last post in July. I'm heading to Phuket, Thailand this afternoon #yayness with the whole fam and will be back to Guangzhou at August 6th so I probably will blog again when I get there. I am so excited about this vacation trip and hope that I'll be able to share my journey later. Wish you have a great day, take care guys. Be blessed :)

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