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To Be Grateful For

Been a hectic week, you know exam weeks always freak almost all people, didn't really apply to me but pretty much did LOL. The good thing is, there's only one more final to go and I will be freed, hooray! Simply missing posting things on the blog, but since the exam weeks restricted me to play (duh) so I can't help going anywhere but staying at dorm, every single day.

Do you see what I see? *wink*
I am in process of learning that every single day God has given to me is really a blessing. I am currently training myself to be grateful in every single condition that occurs, no matter it is a big thing or maybe just a tiny little thing that maybe you think it doesn't matter, but giving thanks in all situation does make your days better, trust me :) I remembered I read somewhere that says "Learn to give thanks, to be grateful about every little thing in life and you'll find out that your life is really full of blessings" and now I am applying this into my daily life and really, I feel like I am the most blessed person, if I could say so hehe.

So, even though this has been such a hectic week, but today am gonna list some little things that made my day full of His blessings (this week's special edition) :
  1. Got myself a pack of Garfield Fujifilm Mini Instax Film, been craving it for quite a while :3
  2. Improved myself in badminton skill (at least that's what my friend told me LOL)
  3. Managed to wake up earlier each day and not feeling drowsy for the rest of the day (believe me that counted as a "miracle" for a person like me haha)
  4. Even though didn't study that hard but was still able to work on the exams. Not craving for a perfect score though because I don't think I deserved it since I was not as hardworking as my other friends are, but as long as I pass the subject, I'll be really grateful, really. Haha.
  5. Had really good lunch and dinner today, (read : school canteen's food (with bacon!) for lunch and the best chow mien street food for dinner) ugh simply the best.
  6. Saw rainbow today! This is really really rare in Guangzhou and I don't think I saw thing like this before. It was waaaaaaaay clearer if you see it on your own. I almost left my digicam at dorm but I decided to bring it with me, guess that was a really good decision I took LOL.
As a closing, here, a song that is currently being one of my favorite on playlist. Not really a fan of K-POP, but songs like this never fails to make me love them haha try to listen and maybe you'll like it too. Well see you on the next post, take care!

Where is he? Should I call out his name?
If I call out in a big voice, will he hear? I'm missing you

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