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Nanking For Two

Taking four hours train trip from Wuhan, we finally arrived at 南京 (Nan Jing a.k.a Nanking). When we arrived there it was already almost night so that day we did not go anywhere, instead we took rest and prepare for our next day's travel plan.

The next day, the first destination we went to was the 南京大屠杀纪念馆 (Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall). This place is the Memorial Hall for the people killed in the Nanjing Massacre by the Japanese army in and around the then capital of China, Nanjing, after it fell to the Imperial Japanese Army on December 13, 1937.

It broke my heart so much when I went to this place. Really can not imagine how scary it was to live in Nanjing that time. Reading the stories from the people who managed to survive that time really was so terrifying. I used to know nothing about the massacre until I watched a movie called The Flowers of War. It really was such a good movie for me, indeed. 

I am dreaming of a world full of peace, where there is no hatred, where there is only love, where there is no more war, where people no longer live only for themselves, where they live also for others. This is possible, yes it is.

After this memorial hall, the place we're heading was 中山陵 (Zhong Shan Ling). I don't really know what kind of place this was but it was recommended on Baidu so we just went there LOLOLOL. We went there on weekend, so the people were so so so so many.

To reach the top area of the Zhong Shan Ling, you can use taxi, bus or electric cars available. The price of each person to get in the small electric car was CNY 5 per person (around IDR 7,500 or USD 0.75).

After Zhong Shan Ling, we took bus to get back into the town, and we went straight away to 湖南路狮子桥 (Hu Nan Lu Shi Zi Qiao). This was a food street, from street food, deserts, big restaurants, they all have it here. Chinese food was the most available choices.

New favorite thing LOL

Those were the places we managed to go on our first day at Nanjing. The next day we planned to go to 总统府 (Zhong Tong Fu) but when we got there we found out that we had to pay for the ticket. I forgot how much but it was around CNY 40 (IDR 60,000 or USD 6). Again, we thought it was too expensive to get inside with that price. We pretty much already could imagine what's inside so we just took some pictures at the front door then left LOLOL.

The next place I wanted to introduce to you all is the 1912酒吧区 (1912 Bar). This place is a street with many bars, but they did not have only bars, there were also some "normal" restaurants there. All I know was the bars were open at night. Well, I did not manage to go there at nights though :P

So, this will be the last place for Nanjing. The last destination we went to was the 夫子庙 (Fu Zi Temple). This place has something to do with China's famous Confucius but sadly I don't really know what it is LOL sorry for the lack of information. This place was also close with the 秦淮河 (Qin Huai River). This river was really pretty at night and you can also take a canal trip on it with the price of CNY 80 (around IDR 120,000 or USD 12).

Well, okay guys. That was the story while I was in Nanjing. Thanks for reading this haha, I hope you enjoy it and see you next time on my next post, most probably still about my holiday in China. Take care then, see yaa :)

Want This Want That

1. Swatch Pretty Bohemian SUOZ135
I am a sucker for plastic watches and watches like this, and Swatch always knows how to impress me.
2. Fujifilm Instax Mini : Toy Story
Haven't been trying this type of instax paper, still can not find this at China (with the price I wanted).
3. Golden Half Camera
Told you I wanted a lomo so bad, but I think I'll start with an LC-A or a Holga as my first lomo, before going on to this pretty little thing.
4. Acqua Di Gioia for Women
5. American Apparel AA Neon Nail Polish
I need some neon on my polish collections, and also craving for some pastels.
6. Apple iPhone 4s 
I actually was not really into the phone, instead I loved iPhone 4/4s' casings so much. They come up with too many cuties and I really wished I could collect them, but it will be so weird if I am collecting the casings but not owning the gadget, don't you think? LOL.

I was doing this post actually because I was learning on doing collage like one above. I really love seeing people making collage on their blogs and I really wished I will be able to do so to. So, here was my first experiment with collage. Not too bad, eh? I can only come up with simple ones because my photoshop ability was really so-so. Next time better, then.

Yi Er San Si Wu Han

After finishing my Thailand holiday post series, now it is the time to move on to my China holiday post series wohoo. After coming back to China, me and a friend managed to visit five cities in China, and today I am going to start with the first city : 武汉 (Wuhan).

We arrived at this city right on the afternoon, around 11 or 12 PM. After putting our luggage at the hotel's receptionist, our journey at Wuhan officially began.

The first destination was 江汉路步行街 (Jiang Han Lu Pedestrian Street). This place is a place full of shopping centers, boutiques, and some restaurants. However, this pretty much felt like going to Guangzhou's 上下九步行街 (Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street) but this place is way better because I hate going to Shang Xia LOL. Passing the whole road of the street (without going in any stores) will took you about 20-30 minutes walk.

After having our lunch, we went right to our next destination. On the way of finding the bus stop, we saw that there were so many old classic Western style buildings, most of them are banks. Pretty cool, for me. 

Our next destination was the 龟山 (Gui Shan). This was a mountain with the shape like a turtle's back (?) LOL I don't really get it. There was a not-really-tall TV tower too there, called 龟山电视塔 (Gui Shan Television Tower).

Not wasting too much time at that place, we went right away to our next stop : 户部港 (Hu Bu Gang). This is the place where they sell so many kinds of Chinese 小吃 (xiao chi - snack). Prices were not so expensive, mostly around 10-20 CNY (around IDR 15,000-30,000 or USD 1.5-3).

The next destination was one of the most popular tourist attraction in Wuhan, it was 黄鹤楼 (Huang He Lou - Yellow Crane Tower). If you want to get into this tower, it is going to cost you CNY 80 (around IDR 110,000 or USD 11). I personally thought it was too expensive just to get into this place so I decided not to.  Another information for 留学生 (international student studying abroad in China), you won't be able to use  your 学生证 (students identification book) to get 50% off price here like usually, weird huh? So let's just enjoy the view from the outside. Was not bad at all, though :P

Those are the places I've been on my first day in Wuhan. Shall we continue to the next day? Sure sure LOL. Okay, on the next day, we did not go to as many places as we did on the first day because there were not too many tourist attraction place here. 

The first destination on the second day was the 东湖 (Dong Hu - The East Lake). Probley the second most famous lake in China after 西湖 (Xi Hu - The West Lake) in Hangzhou, which I will going to tell on my post later too haha.

We went around this lake by renting bikes, with the price of CNY 15-20 (around IDR 22,500-30,000 or USD 2.25-3) per bike, depending on the type you rent, single or double seats, per hour.

At afternoon, we gave 武汉长江大桥 (Wu Han Chang Jiang Da Qiao - Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge) a visit. Standing strong above one of the world's longest river, Yangtze River, from here you can see the view of Wuhan City. I bet the view will be much better at evening though, seeing the night lights.

It was a bit cloudy when we went there so the picture was a bit blurry. It was great though just to stand on the bridge and feeling the afternoon breeze hehe. But we didn't stay too long there because day was getting dark and we should catch up for the bus.

The next day, taking train from 汉口火车站 (Han Kou Rail Station), we were ready to continue our amazing journey. Our next stop would be 南京 (Nan Jing, a.k.a Nanking). Ready or not, off we go!

Tutorial : Tribal Here Tribal There

Words can't describe how excited I got when I was working on this time's tutorial. I am really glad that this previous tutorial was not my last one :D This time I was doing one more complex tutorial than the one I did last time. Even though this one looks quite difficult, but actually it is not as hard as it seems. As long as you got patience, it will all be done nicely, trust me *wink.

So before going on to the tutorial, I am going to let you know the tools I was using when I made this nail art. No pictures though, here is the list :
  1. Nail polishes, of course. The colors that I was using on this nail art were : white, blue, purple, pink, orange, yellow, and jaded green.
  2. Black striper nail polish. This one is quite important in this time's nail art. But if you really don't have any, you can use your normal drawing brush (small one). Click here if you have no idea what striper nail polish is :)
  3. Dotting tools, better if you have various types, from small to big ones.
  4. Top coat and base coat.
What is different between this time's tutorial with the Pacman's was I was not photos to show the tutorials, but I am going to use graphic pictures that I made with the help of Photoshop and Photoscape. To be honest, I am really satisfied with what I did this time hehe. So I hope you will find this tutorial helpful and fun to do to :)

These pictures are the step-by-steps how I was working on each nail. I have this habit of start drawing from my pinkie finger, to the ring finger until the thumb. So these pictures from top to bottom shown are the process of each finger, starting from the pinkie.

Tribal nail art, drawing time : 1.5-2 hours.

And to finish the whole process, don't forget the top coat. Applying top coat is my most favorite part of doing nail art, because it means that the nails are pretty already haha. What do you think? Easy, ain't it? Do try it yourself and you'll find this really exciting and fun.

Well, if you got any comments or any input for me, I will be really glad to see it. Thanks for reading this and I hope there will be another nail art tutorial from me haha. Have a great day, pretty 

PS. This tribal nail art was inspired by Little Nail's awesome tribal nail art from this post. Go check the awesomeness she did on her nails at her blog by clicking here :)

I'm Singing My Blues

Taking about one hour flight from Phuket, we finally arrived at a pretty little island, Koh Samui. This place has been one of the most recommended traveling spots in Thailand. Most of the visitors here were not Asians, but there were still many Chinese and Koreans who came here.

During our visit, we stayed at Chaweng Beach area, the most crowded beach area in Samui. I was there when it was not the high season so there were not as much people as when it gets to the peak holiday season, but still you can see many visitors in this place, mostly are those with families. You will get to see many couples taking their little babies with them, unlike Phuket with its night life.

The pictures above were taken at the main road of Chaweng area. You will see many souvenirs shops, selling clothes, paintings, lamps etc, and you will also find a lot of Thai restaurants, and don't forget the hotels and guest houses too.

I don't know what makes this Chaweng Beach so crowded. I don't think the beach was more beautiful than other beaches in Samui, but well, here we go.

The next day, by the car we rented, we did a sightseeing around the island and stopped randomly at a place. It was some harbor in the island, close with the public market in Samui. This is what I called beautiful scenery. Everything is blue wohoo. You're gonna love what you see :)

Next destination : Samui Fisherman's Village, could be reached by 20 minutes car ride, has many spots with restaurants, souvenirs shops and there was a recommended restaurant I saw in some magazine on plane, called Karma Sutra. I didn't go there though. 

By the last day at Samui, we already had no idea where to go in this island as we already go to almost all places here, then we decided to give the Big Buddha a visit. It was a very big Buddha statue and some other Buddhist god statues. As you know that Thailand is a Buddhist country (if I may say so) so finding temples like this will be such a common scene for you.

There were not too many traveling spots in Samui, but after all I had great days with my family there. Nothing  is better than quality time with people you love, isn't it? For you guys who are reading this, Samui is definitely worth it to get your visit. If you're planning to go to Thailand, ensure to get Samui into your list :)

Some basic tips for traveling in Samui Island, Thailand :
1. Car renting in Samui is really convenient. Many car-renting agents are available once you stepped out from the Arrival Hall. If you're traveling by four to five persons, I would say that it's way better for you to rent a nice small car and it will be able to take you wherever you want :) Prices depend on the type of car you choose. We chose Mazda 2 and it costs us THB 700 (around IDR 210,000 or USD 21) per day, and if you wanted to rent a GPS device you're gonna have to pay extra THB 100 (around IDR 30,000 or USD 3). Not expensive, is it?
2. Hesitating to rent cars because you're not familiar with Samui's road? Just don't because with a GPS on your hand, there's not even a chance of getting lost. Use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, your anything, every single smart phone has maps to guide you (but make sure you have internet connection). And there is only one main road in Samui and as long as you get into the main road, you'll be able to get back to where you started.
3. Another reason to choose car or motor bike renting : it is free to park anywhere in Samui. Even going to big supermarkets, you don't have to pay any parking fees. 
4. There's not much to see in Samui if you're just staying on the island. If you're not going to any other island around it, so I guess two days will be enough to spend there. Me and family spent four days and it kinda gets boring already at the third day. Go visit some other pretty islands :)
5. The most crowded area in Samui is Chaweng Beach. If you're trying to get some food for lunch or dinner, Thai seafood will be the most available options, available all along the main street. But if you try walking through the alleys, you're gonna find some smaller Thai restaurants with cheaper price.
6. Laundry service is even cheaper here. You can get your laundry done (and ironed!) by the cost of THB 40 (around IDR 12,000 or USD 1.2).


This has nothing to do with the holiday post, but I am just feeling like posting this haha. Mc Donald's here has a new quirky menu called Black and White Burgers and it was my lunch today. Apparently this does not taste as weird as its look. Guangzhou-ers, go grab some haha :D