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I'm Singing My Blues

Taking about one hour flight from Phuket, we finally arrived at a pretty little island, Koh Samui. This place has been one of the most recommended traveling spots in Thailand. Most of the visitors here were not Asians, but there were still many Chinese and Koreans who came here.

During our visit, we stayed at Chaweng Beach area, the most crowded beach area in Samui. I was there when it was not the high season so there were not as much people as when it gets to the peak holiday season, but still you can see many visitors in this place, mostly are those with families. You will get to see many couples taking their little babies with them, unlike Phuket with its night life.

The pictures above were taken at the main road of Chaweng area. You will see many souvenirs shops, selling clothes, paintings, lamps etc, and you will also find a lot of Thai restaurants, and don't forget the hotels and guest houses too.

I don't know what makes this Chaweng Beach so crowded. I don't think the beach was more beautiful than other beaches in Samui, but well, here we go.

The next day, by the car we rented, we did a sightseeing around the island and stopped randomly at a place. It was some harbor in the island, close with the public market in Samui. This is what I called beautiful scenery. Everything is blue wohoo. You're gonna love what you see :)

Next destination : Samui Fisherman's Village, could be reached by 20 minutes car ride, has many spots with restaurants, souvenirs shops and there was a recommended restaurant I saw in some magazine on plane, called Karma Sutra. I didn't go there though. 

By the last day at Samui, we already had no idea where to go in this island as we already go to almost all places here, then we decided to give the Big Buddha a visit. It was a very big Buddha statue and some other Buddhist god statues. As you know that Thailand is a Buddhist country (if I may say so) so finding temples like this will be such a common scene for you.

There were not too many traveling spots in Samui, but after all I had great days with my family there. Nothing  is better than quality time with people you love, isn't it? For you guys who are reading this, Samui is definitely worth it to get your visit. If you're planning to go to Thailand, ensure to get Samui into your list :)

Some basic tips for traveling in Samui Island, Thailand :
1. Car renting in Samui is really convenient. Many car-renting agents are available once you stepped out from the Arrival Hall. If you're traveling by four to five persons, I would say that it's way better for you to rent a nice small car and it will be able to take you wherever you want :) Prices depend on the type of car you choose. We chose Mazda 2 and it costs us THB 700 (around IDR 210,000 or USD 21) per day, and if you wanted to rent a GPS device you're gonna have to pay extra THB 100 (around IDR 30,000 or USD 3). Not expensive, is it?
2. Hesitating to rent cars because you're not familiar with Samui's road? Just don't because with a GPS on your hand, there's not even a chance of getting lost. Use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, your anything, every single smart phone has maps to guide you (but make sure you have internet connection). And there is only one main road in Samui and as long as you get into the main road, you'll be able to get back to where you started.
3. Another reason to choose car or motor bike renting : it is free to park anywhere in Samui. Even going to big supermarkets, you don't have to pay any parking fees. 
4. There's not much to see in Samui if you're just staying on the island. If you're not going to any other island around it, so I guess two days will be enough to spend there. Me and family spent four days and it kinda gets boring already at the third day. Go visit some other pretty islands :)
5. The most crowded area in Samui is Chaweng Beach. If you're trying to get some food for lunch or dinner, Thai seafood will be the most available options, available all along the main street. But if you try walking through the alleys, you're gonna find some smaller Thai restaurants with cheaper price.
6. Laundry service is even cheaper here. You can get your laundry done (and ironed!) by the cost of THB 40 (around IDR 12,000 or USD 1.2).


This has nothing to do with the holiday post, but I am just feeling like posting this haha. Mc Donald's here has a new quirky menu called Black and White Burgers and it was my lunch today. Apparently this does not taste as weird as its look. Guangzhou-ers, go grab some haha :D

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