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Yi Er San Si Wu Han

After finishing my Thailand holiday post series, now it is the time to move on to my China holiday post series wohoo. After coming back to China, me and a friend managed to visit five cities in China, and today I am going to start with the first city : 武汉 (Wuhan).

We arrived at this city right on the afternoon, around 11 or 12 PM. After putting our luggage at the hotel's receptionist, our journey at Wuhan officially began.

The first destination was 江汉路步行街 (Jiang Han Lu Pedestrian Street). This place is a place full of shopping centers, boutiques, and some restaurants. However, this pretty much felt like going to Guangzhou's 上下九步行街 (Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street) but this place is way better because I hate going to Shang Xia LOL. Passing the whole road of the street (without going in any stores) will took you about 20-30 minutes walk.

After having our lunch, we went right to our next destination. On the way of finding the bus stop, we saw that there were so many old classic Western style buildings, most of them are banks. Pretty cool, for me. 

Our next destination was the 龟山 (Gui Shan). This was a mountain with the shape like a turtle's back (?) LOL I don't really get it. There was a not-really-tall TV tower too there, called 龟山电视塔 (Gui Shan Television Tower).

Not wasting too much time at that place, we went right away to our next stop : 户部港 (Hu Bu Gang). This is the place where they sell so many kinds of Chinese 小吃 (xiao chi - snack). Prices were not so expensive, mostly around 10-20 CNY (around IDR 15,000-30,000 or USD 1.5-3).

The next destination was one of the most popular tourist attraction in Wuhan, it was 黄鹤楼 (Huang He Lou - Yellow Crane Tower). If you want to get into this tower, it is going to cost you CNY 80 (around IDR 110,000 or USD 11). I personally thought it was too expensive just to get into this place so I decided not to.  Another information for 留学生 (international student studying abroad in China), you won't be able to use  your 学生证 (students identification book) to get 50% off price here like usually, weird huh? So let's just enjoy the view from the outside. Was not bad at all, though :P

Those are the places I've been on my first day in Wuhan. Shall we continue to the next day? Sure sure LOL. Okay, on the next day, we did not go to as many places as we did on the first day because there were not too many tourist attraction place here. 

The first destination on the second day was the 东湖 (Dong Hu - The East Lake). Probley the second most famous lake in China after 西湖 (Xi Hu - The West Lake) in Hangzhou, which I will going to tell on my post later too haha.

We went around this lake by renting bikes, with the price of CNY 15-20 (around IDR 22,500-30,000 or USD 2.25-3) per bike, depending on the type you rent, single or double seats, per hour.

At afternoon, we gave 武汉长江大桥 (Wu Han Chang Jiang Da Qiao - Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge) a visit. Standing strong above one of the world's longest river, Yangtze River, from here you can see the view of Wuhan City. I bet the view will be much better at evening though, seeing the night lights.

It was a bit cloudy when we went there so the picture was a bit blurry. It was great though just to stand on the bridge and feeling the afternoon breeze hehe. But we didn't stay too long there because day was getting dark and we should catch up for the bus.

The next day, taking train from 汉口火车站 (Han Kou Rail Station), we were ready to continue our amazing journey. Our next stop would be 南京 (Nan Jing, a.k.a Nanking). Ready or not, off we go!

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