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2012 Encore

Just a quick post to invite any of you Indonesian friends who are at Guangzhou or around to join this event, and believe me you're going to be blessed through this event. Btw, the admission fee is CNY 50 per person. Feel free to contact the numbers above for more information, or you can also ask me :)

Hmm about me, nothing much about life these days though. Since I didn't spend much time outside, so I don't really have too much things to be posted. But there was something that made my day today, my scrapbook kit just arrived and I am way more than just excited haha. Been a fan of scrapbook for a long time, but have only tried digital scrapbook, now I am going to feel the excitement of the real scrapbook :D

So, guess I'll see you next time?

A Long Time Coming

Korean BBQ Buffet some time ago, been a while though.
Durian Cake; unique, but definitely not my favorite one LOL.
The birthday of our loveliest leader also sister, Ci Lily.
Suwandi's 19th (maybe) birthday with YKL2 fellas :)
Been selfish for too long. Too many times just thinking about self.  Acting as if you're the only person in this world to pity, hoping that there could be someone who can understand about what you're feeling inside, acting like what you suffered is too much to handle.

Should've been more grateful about the life you're living. You got enough food, the only "problem" you're facing is only when you're bored with the food you eat everyday, not because you can afford no food. You got enough clothes, the only "problem" you're facing is only when you're bored with those you got now. You got good, warm shelter, the only "problem" you're facing is only when the AC is too noisy.

Could've been more grateful, for those tiny little "problems" don't really matter actually. Compared to those, there are so many things, in fact too many to be grateful for. Never say to anybody "You don't know what it is like to be me". When you say so, you are the one who knows nothing.

Been negative for too long. Thinking that nobody cares enough for you, those people who suddenly ignored you for no reasons, those who are so annoying, those who left you unsatisfied with things they do, and those whom you thought cared about you, no longer do.

Should've been more positive. You're not living this world alone. Don't be such an egoist. World does not revolve around you. They got their own matters, their own problems, they got things to think about too. 

Could've been more loving. Relationship is nothing you can force about. It is a natural thing. When those no longer are the ones you're close with, if you really love them, pray for them, pray for their happiness. If you really love them, you'll be happy, as long as they're too. About those who annoys you, remember Isaiah 2:22? HE told you already :) Only He is the place you can put your trust, your hopes on.

Been thinking much, lately.

One Summer

This would be the last post for my China marathon-trip series this summer and the last city was 杭州 (Hang Zhou). Another city that was described as one of the "heaven" with Su Zhou (read the post here).

Hang Zhou does not have too many places to be at but to me this city is quite okay. I mean, it seemed fun to live here, a not really big city with not too many people (as we have in Guangzhou). And also to me, the people here was soooooooo friendly, unlike people in Guangzhou (imho).

When I went there, I lived in a quite crowded area called 河仿街 (He Fang Jie). This place, like many places you may have seen in my previous posts), had many restaurants, shops and well, that typical of China's pedestrian streets.

The next destination we went to was 龙井村 (Long Jin Cun). This place sold many Chinese tea and there were also places where you can enjoy the Chinese tea-time. Not a really interesting place to me, though.

The next day, we finally gave China's most popular lake, ever, a visit LOL. So here it is, *drum rolls* the infamous 西湖  (The West Lake).

Here you can take a boat trip with the price of CNY 45 (around IDR 67,500 or USD 6.75) to have a sight-seeing tour around the lake and they will also take you to another small "island" where you can take more pictures and well, have some walk LOL.

On our last night at Hang Zhou, we went to 钱江新城 (Qian Jiang Xin Cheng) where I guess was on the center of the city. Well I'm not really sure. The only thing that interest me was the building that I think supposed to be the 杭州大剧院 (Hang Zhou Da Ju Yuan - some big theater building).

Okay, those are all the places I've been to at Hang Zhou LOL. Yes, they were not that much since we just spent two days there. As a bonus, here I will show you two of Hang Zhou's most famous dishes :

Top to bottom : 小笼包 (Xiao Long Bao) and some eel noodles (this noodle is really expensive, it cost us CNY 80 per bowl but it was just so-so, but it was so famous there #foodfirstproblem LOL)

Wew, finally have finished all the holiday posts. Now holiday has officially ended and now everyone's back on school. Since this was my last year in college, my class schedule was really not as busy as my previous ones. But this also kind of bothers me, since I don't really have too much things to do. Planned to get some part time job but still haven't found any.

Well, I hope this semester's gonna bring me more good things. Amen to that :)

I ♥ SH

Here comes my new favorite city in China : 上海! (Shang Hai) I bet all people who come here will never be able to hate this city for its beauty and its everything. Oh am I being overrated? Don't think so LOL.

So I'm going to tell about the place where the picture above was taken. It was at the "infamous" 南京路步行街 (Nan Jing Lu Pedestrian Street). This place was like Bei Jing Lu Pedestrian Street to Guangzhou and Jiang Han Lu Pedestrian Street to Wuhan, maybe?

The hotel I was staying at was at this area too so it was really convenient for me to find things to eat, to see and to shop LOL. This place was already crowded at noon but it gets way more crowded at night, even though it was workday.

The next destination was 豫园老街 (Yu Yuan Old Street). This place was full of shopping spots and always are full of tourists, local and international. This place was also near with the City God Temple (zZz forgot the Chinese name). Btw I once watched one Amazing Race episode taken here LOL.

There were not too many places I've been to at Shanghai, but this other place I went to, 上海市城市规划馆 (Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall) was also a really cool place. I am not a fan to museum thingy, but this place really was interesting. My favorite exhibition was the Shanghai City miniature. By the way, the admission ticket's price was CNY 30 (about IDR 45,000 or USD 4.5). Again, don't forget your 学生证, fellas :)

This last place is probably my favorite place at Shanghai; 外滩 (Wai Tan - The Bund). This place's night view was great and it is nice to be here and feeling the wind blowing your hair haha :P

Those were all I can introduce from Shanghai for you all, as I didn't really go to too many places there, but I do really love this city a lot and if anyone asks if I want to go there again, I'll definitely say "YES!".

Greeny One

There was this saying in Chinese; 上有天堂,下有苏杭 which literally means if there is one place we call heaven above, there are also Suzhou and Hangzhou under. This saying was actually referring to Suzhou and Hangzhou as one of most beautiful cities on earth, where you maybe will feel like being at heaven on earth. But is that all true? Listen to my stories and you judge :P Let's start with Suzhou first, shall we?

苏州(Suzhou), which can be reached by one hour train from Nanjing (where I was from before going to Suzhou LOL) is famous for its natural scenic and it is probably one of the classic cities at China.

Arriving at afternoon, me and partner headed right away to 同里 (Tong Li). This was a small old city with a small river (the picture above was taken there). To reach Tong Li, you're gonna have to take a one hour bus trip from the city of Suzhou. To get inside Tong Li, you're gonna have to pay CNY 80 (around IDR 120,000 or USD 12) for the admission ticket. Dear fellas with 学生证, don't forget to show it and get the 50% off student price, yay!

At night, we decided to go to 山塘街 (Shan Tang Jie) which is located near our staying place in 石路步行街 (Shi Lu Pedestrian Street). Shan Tang Jie also was a place with classic Chinese buildings and you will feel the feeling of living at old China, as what we often see at Chinese movies LOL.

The next day, the place we went was one of the most famous place at Suzhou, 苏州园林 (Su Zhou Yuan Lin - Suzhou Garden something LOL). I even learned about this place on my Chinese class two years ago haha. If what I often see when I went to Thailand was blue colored sky and sea, when I went here all I can see was greeen, green and green LOL. Too bad I left my digicam at the hotel, so what I can use is only my blackberry which is sucky sucky on capturing things. But oh well, better than nothing.

Okay, this will be the last place in Suzhou that I will introduce to you all. We did not go to too many places there as most places have almost the same "genre" of view (as what I called as green, green and green). This last place was 金鸡湖 (Jin Ji Lake, which literally means Golden Chicken Lake LOL). 

This place has so many restaurants (and most are those expensive Chinese restaurants) and this place was too big to walk it by feet so we just took some pictures and left LOL. 

Can see nothing but some lights? LOL excuse my poor ability of capturing good things. So, that was Suzhou from my point of view. I personally was not really into this city. I like Hangzhou way better haha (wait for the Hangzhou post, okay? Haha). Ciao~

Chilly Summer

Sadly have to accept the fact that summer holiday's almost over. Oh noooooooooooo. This time's summer holiday's been treating me super good and I've been enjoying it, also with the probability that this would be the last summer I spent in China before graduating next year.

So, just a quick post about what's been happening these past weeks :)

Told you I love capturing Guangzhou's sky a lot, didn't I? LOL.
Another farewell with a church-mate; Dede.
A Korean lunch with classmates, man look at those fats haha.
A "birthday present" I gave myself : cupcakes nail art :3
They say girls love bad boys. Meet my favorite one ♥ haha.
Last but not least, I would like to invite you Indonesian fellas who's currently living in Guangzhou (or nearby) to join our welcome fellowship at our Youth Ministry this next Saturday, or maybe you who have any Indonesian friends who's currently studying here, please help me spread the message. Thank you :)

Another Day

Those are some of the birthday greetings I got from my dear fellas. Well yes, today was my birthday. And I am officially 21.

Speaking of birthday, actually I am that kind of person who does not really like birthdays. Weird enough? The first reason was the aging LOL. I used to hate growing older so much. As John Mayer once sang "So scared of being old, I'm only good at being young" well I guess that described me perfectly. But as now I am more mature than I was before, I believe that growing is a part of life and like it or not, it is still going to happen. Now what's left is the choice, enjoy it or not. And I am now in progress of learning :)

The other reason(s) why I don't like birthday, hmm let that just be my secret because I personally think those reasons are so selfish and I am still learning to cast all those negative things from my mind LOL.

But those things does not make me any less grateful. I am grateful, more than thankful, for those people who cared about me, for those people who loved me for who I am, even though I am lacking so much of perfection, but there were still those who keep sticking around me.

Two pretty angels Lord sent me at the middle of the night

Surprise birthday tiramisu from Diana, thanks a lot, Dee :)

A surprise from my Youth Ministry fellas, thanks people :)

I am describing my this birthday as a simpler one, as I didn't really do anything much on it. I used to go on birthdays with sooooo many presents from people around me but now I believed birthday presents were not really the main point. There was so much more.

I see my life as a very blessed one, with my Lord by my side, with the love of my parents and siblings, with those good fellas I have, with those whom I know dislike me very much, they all shaped me as what I am now. I don't know if I am a good or a bad person and I don't think that is the only way to categorize people but I am hoping that I will grow each day more likely my Heavenly Father and be a blessing for those around me.

Please pray for me that I will be a better person, way better than I am now, that I can cut off those negative thoughts that sometimes still haunt me. I believe my Lord has prepared me a really great future that I have never imagined before, way better than what I wanted and what I planned. And to achieve that, I need to be a better person :)

My birthday is going to end in about 30 minutes, so I guess I'll see you next year on my birthday post and let's see how I will progress in my personality hehe. Good night and thank you people, thank You Lord.