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A Long Time Coming

Korean BBQ Buffet some time ago, been a while though.
Durian Cake; unique, but definitely not my favorite one LOL.
The birthday of our loveliest leader also sister, Ci Lily.
Suwandi's 19th (maybe) birthday with YKL2 fellas :)
Been selfish for too long. Too many times just thinking about self.  Acting as if you're the only person in this world to pity, hoping that there could be someone who can understand about what you're feeling inside, acting like what you suffered is too much to handle.

Should've been more grateful about the life you're living. You got enough food, the only "problem" you're facing is only when you're bored with the food you eat everyday, not because you can afford no food. You got enough clothes, the only "problem" you're facing is only when you're bored with those you got now. You got good, warm shelter, the only "problem" you're facing is only when the AC is too noisy.

Could've been more grateful, for those tiny little "problems" don't really matter actually. Compared to those, there are so many things, in fact too many to be grateful for. Never say to anybody "You don't know what it is like to be me". When you say so, you are the one who knows nothing.

Been negative for too long. Thinking that nobody cares enough for you, those people who suddenly ignored you for no reasons, those who are so annoying, those who left you unsatisfied with things they do, and those whom you thought cared about you, no longer do.

Should've been more positive. You're not living this world alone. Don't be such an egoist. World does not revolve around you. They got their own matters, their own problems, they got things to think about too. 

Could've been more loving. Relationship is nothing you can force about. It is a natural thing. When those no longer are the ones you're close with, if you really love them, pray for them, pray for their happiness. If you really love them, you'll be happy, as long as they're too. About those who annoys you, remember Isaiah 2:22? HE told you already :) Only He is the place you can put your trust, your hopes on.

Been thinking much, lately.

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