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Greeny One

There was this saying in Chinese; 上有天堂,下有苏杭 which literally means if there is one place we call heaven above, there are also Suzhou and Hangzhou under. This saying was actually referring to Suzhou and Hangzhou as one of most beautiful cities on earth, where you maybe will feel like being at heaven on earth. But is that all true? Listen to my stories and you judge :P Let's start with Suzhou first, shall we?

苏州(Suzhou), which can be reached by one hour train from Nanjing (where I was from before going to Suzhou LOL) is famous for its natural scenic and it is probably one of the classic cities at China.

Arriving at afternoon, me and partner headed right away to 同里 (Tong Li). This was a small old city with a small river (the picture above was taken there). To reach Tong Li, you're gonna have to take a one hour bus trip from the city of Suzhou. To get inside Tong Li, you're gonna have to pay CNY 80 (around IDR 120,000 or USD 12) for the admission ticket. Dear fellas with 学生证, don't forget to show it and get the 50% off student price, yay!

At night, we decided to go to 山塘街 (Shan Tang Jie) which is located near our staying place in 石路步行街 (Shi Lu Pedestrian Street). Shan Tang Jie also was a place with classic Chinese buildings and you will feel the feeling of living at old China, as what we often see at Chinese movies LOL.

The next day, the place we went was one of the most famous place at Suzhou, 苏州园林 (Su Zhou Yuan Lin - Suzhou Garden something LOL). I even learned about this place on my Chinese class two years ago haha. If what I often see when I went to Thailand was blue colored sky and sea, when I went here all I can see was greeen, green and green LOL. Too bad I left my digicam at the hotel, so what I can use is only my blackberry which is sucky sucky on capturing things. But oh well, better than nothing.

Okay, this will be the last place in Suzhou that I will introduce to you all. We did not go to too many places there as most places have almost the same "genre" of view (as what I called as green, green and green). This last place was 金鸡湖 (Jin Ji Lake, which literally means Golden Chicken Lake LOL). 

This place has so many restaurants (and most are those expensive Chinese restaurants) and this place was too big to walk it by feet so we just took some pictures and left LOL. 

Can see nothing but some lights? LOL excuse my poor ability of capturing good things. So, that was Suzhou from my point of view. I personally was not really into this city. I like Hangzhou way better haha (wait for the Hangzhou post, okay? Haha). Ciao~

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