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One Summer

This would be the last post for my China marathon-trip series this summer and the last city was 杭州 (Hang Zhou). Another city that was described as one of the "heaven" with Su Zhou (read the post here).

Hang Zhou does not have too many places to be at but to me this city is quite okay. I mean, it seemed fun to live here, a not really big city with not too many people (as we have in Guangzhou). And also to me, the people here was soooooooo friendly, unlike people in Guangzhou (imho).

When I went there, I lived in a quite crowded area called 河仿街 (He Fang Jie). This place, like many places you may have seen in my previous posts), had many restaurants, shops and well, that typical of China's pedestrian streets.

The next destination we went to was 龙井村 (Long Jin Cun). This place sold many Chinese tea and there were also places where you can enjoy the Chinese tea-time. Not a really interesting place to me, though.

The next day, we finally gave China's most popular lake, ever, a visit LOL. So here it is, *drum rolls* the infamous 西湖  (The West Lake).

Here you can take a boat trip with the price of CNY 45 (around IDR 67,500 or USD 6.75) to have a sight-seeing tour around the lake and they will also take you to another small "island" where you can take more pictures and well, have some walk LOL.

On our last night at Hang Zhou, we went to 钱江新城 (Qian Jiang Xin Cheng) where I guess was on the center of the city. Well I'm not really sure. The only thing that interest me was the building that I think supposed to be the 杭州大剧院 (Hang Zhou Da Ju Yuan - some big theater building).

Okay, those are all the places I've been to at Hang Zhou LOL. Yes, they were not that much since we just spent two days there. As a bonus, here I will show you two of Hang Zhou's most famous dishes :

Top to bottom : 小笼包 (Xiao Long Bao) and some eel noodles (this noodle is really expensive, it cost us CNY 80 per bowl but it was just so-so, but it was so famous there #foodfirstproblem LOL)

Wew, finally have finished all the holiday posts. Now holiday has officially ended and now everyone's back on school. Since this was my last year in college, my class schedule was really not as busy as my previous ones. But this also kind of bothers me, since I don't really have too much things to do. Planned to get some part time job but still haven't found any.

Well, I hope this semester's gonna bring me more good things. Amen to that :)

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