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Hey Soul Sister

A letter to one of the loveliest person ever 
*drumrolls* So this post is dedicated to one of my favorite friend (also sister) ever who's turning 21 today! So I was planning about that oh-so-common birthday surprise by coming to your room and I bet you'll be able to guess what would happen (giving cake, blowing candles, making wishes and so on) but well this year (again) I chose not to and let your roommates take that part LOL. I was thinking about doing something else different that you will love and since you are a blogger and you *of course* love blogging, so I guess making a blog post is one of the best option I may have. I am always full of surprises, aren't I? *minta dikeplak* haha.

This is the fourth time you celebrated your birthday here in Guangzhou and I still remembered each you spent with me hehe. 2009 when you were "kidnapped" and brought to Honglou, 2010 when I came at midnight to your room and at the evening we went to the badminton court to give you surprise, 2011 last year when I gave you a big box contained something you really wished for winter. Did I get any of them wrong? :P

See I may not be the best among all the friends you have out there, I know sometimes I suck on being a good friend, well you know, nobody's perfect #cliche haha but  but I want to tell you that I love you as a really good friend of mine and I always wish that you're happy with everything you have and you do in your life, and I hope we will remain best friends, forever :)

Geez I'm running out of words haha why is it just so hard to say what we actually really want to express :| So, maybe not really too much words from me. You got some already on the birthday card. Last but not least (again), have a blessed birthday and I wish that you'll always be happy. Keep on being the Jane who is always passionate about things she loves, keep pursuing the dreams you have (which I believed you'll be able to reach) and please keep being Jane who is always positive about her life. Always believe that you are blessed and always loved :)

By the way peeps, visit Jane's lovely blog about her passions and her life here.

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