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Those Glorious Days

After a mention from a senior at high school about our old English debating club, I decided to write this post. Another reason is simply because I miss blogging so much haha and moreover I never wrote about this so I thought "Why not?".

I used to join my school's debating club and my English debating experience had taught me a lot of lessons, improved my offending people's argument  English debating skill and also allowed me to know so many awesome people. One of by best experience, one of the best time in my life was when I got the chance to join 2008 ISDC (Indonesian Schools Debating Championship), one of the most prestigious debating competition for high school students in Indonesia, and to me, it was such an honor to be able to be there.

To join this competition was really such a miracle to me, because to join this event you have to be chosen as the best speaker at the pre-competition stages and I never got chosen even once, but God did some miracle to me that at the last stage of the competition I got my first best speaker title and that brought me to ISDC. Words can not describe how grateful I was back then. It was simply one of the best feeling in life, when you thought you got not even a chance but to God nothing is ever impossible :')

My dear team-mates :)
Amethyst team on 24 Best Speakers Round, with Dimas from JaBar and Idan from Bali.
Peeps from all over Indonesia!
With my house-mates, Elisa and some friends from Santa Ursula.
Pictures quality sucks because they were all taken using my old Sony Ericsson W880i, but what matters the most was the memory, right? This post was written, dedicated to all my debaters friends out there, to all my high school seniors who taught us a lot about debating. I miss you all :')

This post was not supposed to be like this but I really could not describe what I actually wanted to say haha. So let's just take this as a nostalgic moment of my beautiful blessed life. See you guys on the next post and please excuse my randomness :P

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