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Tutorial : Sweet Cupcakes

Wohoo, another tutorial! This afternoon I was working on the Photoshop and with the help of Photoscape, doing this time's tutorial. So today we're going to learn how to draw some cute little cupcakes on your pretty nails, in an easy way. Of course before heading to the step by steps, let's look at the list of some equipment we're going to need on this time's nail art :

(1) Nail polish, of course. You may use any color you like, the more the better.
(2) Small brush to draw, dotting tools (bigger and smaller ones)
(3) Heart shaped nail stickers (optional)

Now that we had already known the tools to use, let's just get started!

Drawing time : 1 to 1.5 hours.
1. Put on your base color. I prefer softer colors.
2. Get a color that you wanted to use as the cup's color and paint until it covers half of your nails.
3. Get a brighter color than the color that you used on the second step and by using drawing brush (or striper) draw some lines (stripes) on the top of the color before.
4. Use your dotting tool (big one) to make dots according to the picture with a white polish.
5. Now take your drawing brush and draw the pattern just like the picture above (for the cream).
6. Easy step. You just need to fill the rest of the filling with your white polish.
7. Take out your smaller dotting tools and make the sprinkles with some bright colors.
8. Use your heart shaped nail sticker at the top of your cupcakes, or if you don't have it, be creative! You can simply grab out your brush and draw the heart yourself :)

Told ya it was easy! I promised doing this will be so much fun as long as you are patient enough hehe. And to close this post here are some tips that I would like to share with you :
1. Don't forget base and top coat. Those two things are necessary.
2. Play with colors. It is okay to paint the same thing on your each nail, but if you can make it more colorful and beautiful, why not, right?
3. Have fun! That is the most important thing in doing this kind of thing ;)

Nail Art World First Problem

Me to myself, "So today, I am going to make a nail art that has something to do with winter. Hmm where should I start this. Ahh, a nail art with my sweater's pattern will be good. Hmm but I don't think this will good. Hmm I'll go with this tutorial then." *started painting nails*

The other five minutes "Gahh this is a mess. I'm not doing this. *removing polish* Hmm maybe going to another tribal pattern again this time? Ahh but I still think my sweater's pattern will be good." *started applying base color*

Three minutes later "Duh why did I use this color? I'm not drawing my sweater's pattern anymore."

And this is how my nails turned to at last. Really stressed me out every time I want to do nail art, because I don't know which nail art I should have made pfft. So I got lazy to do nail art but already had the color base, I ended up making this cloudy nail art which I once saw the tutorial (here). I was using my Face Shop's pink and light blue polish and also Orly's Ancient Jade. This is a simple and fun way to do nail art since I don't have to use any brush or any other nail art tools. Even though it is simple but it is still gorgeous, I think.

Sunday Game

Posting some pictures from a badminton championship that was held several weeks ago. Yeah, of course I did join, but yeah of course, I did not win LOL. But I really did have fun that day. Well, got to prepare myself for the next championship next year then LOLOL.

Yeah I Swear This Much Is True

But what can I say, about something that blows me away without it soundin' like another cliché?
From what I've seen and I've heard, when it comes to you, baby no, there are no, there are no words
There are no words, yeah I swear this much is true, there ain't a word in this world that describes you


God's Armed Force

On October 24th, my Youth Ministry at Church celebrated its fourth anniversary with G.A.F (God's Armed Force) as a theme. It is about how you live as a soldier of God and to serve Him as a faithful one. Well we had pretty much fun that day.

I am glad that we had reached the age of 4 and I hope in the future we could be even better in the future, to be more blessings to other, to tell more about Jesus' love and let them know how awesome His love is to us. Happy anniversary, GAF!

I Ate So Much But I Am Fine With It

Got home from class because of stomachache (but it stopped right when I reached the dorm, good job belly LOL), got nothing to do so I tried to turn the Freegate on and surprisingly it worked! Haha I've been "inactive" several days on the internet because I overused my VPN's quota, but well now I am glad that Freegate treated me well today, because it rarely did (that is why I switched to VPN).

Okay, so today's post will be about what I ate :P On Tuesday me and several friends went to Pandan Indonesian Restaurant to grab some "afternoon tea". I ordered Nasi Kuning and also the mighty Cendol LOL but didn't take the pictures of them, here's some of what my other friends ordered. Indonesian food, simply is the best :D

The next day (read : yesterday), me and Chintia went to Alsace Village, a France restaurant that is located on 体育东路 (Ti Yu Dong Lu) to try out their menus but to bad we came not on the right time, we came on 3.30 PM so what they have were only the desserts, so I ended up having a cheese cake while Chintia with her lemon cake. Tasted good, though!

I really liked the photo of the lemon cake, makes me drool every single time I looked at it LOL. Alsace Village also has pizzas and many others on their menu, but they were quite pricey, not really suitable for a "liuxuesheng" like me LOL. And did I stop eating after that? Of course, not.

On This Almost-Winter's Night

Yes yes yes, you're right. That is IKEA's meatballs :D Me, Jane and Tika went to IKEA to grab our lunch today. The meatballs were great but well I guess I ate too many of them :| Me and Jane had meatballs while Tika chose their Salmon Lasagna (that also tasted great!) and we also had some sweet desserts (that we ate as appetizer LOL) as the companions of the meatballs and lasagna.

IKEA with its Christmas decorations, super lovely :3

Time flies really fast! It is already the mid of November and soon it will be December, which means soon it will be Christmas! I can already "smell" the joy of Christmas coming. Yay really can't wait for it to come. I've been planning some to-do's on this Christmas and am really excited!

The N-th Hello

Wohoo I am really glad that I managed to change my blog's appearance and I really like how it is now. Simple, but really nice. Took some time for me to deal with those HTML codes that I am not really familiar with but now I think I made quite good friends with them haha. The blog's template was downloaded from Pugly Pixel, but I did some other change from the original one. 

I also made some changes on the top of my blog, with the new header #yeah and the navigation bar that I love so much LOLOL. Do check them out :)) So, tell me now. What do you think about the changes? Is it better than the old one or you tell me you prefer the old one? Please tell me your opinions because I'll love to hear from you :)

And by the way, this afternoon I also managed to do a simple Hello Kitty manicure nail-art for Jane. This nail art was inspired by Cute Polish (find her on Youtube) and it only took us around 30 minutes to get this done. And the good thing is Jane seemed to love them :D

Today was still a very good day, even though some unexpected things happened (I am still sad about Xiao Bai T^T), but I am still grateful to know that He is always in charge of everything. Thank you Lord :)

Good Bye, Xiao Bai

Rest In Peace, Xiao Bai (Sept 2011-Nov 2012)

So I was awake this morning and found out my fish was frozen (read : dead) and well I was shocked. This fish has been one of my very good friend for more than a year. Never thought that he'd last this long thought but it still breaks my heart to see him dead. You may find this so overrated but this I really felt like I am losing something pretty important for me. So, good bye Xiao Bai. I love you, even though I neglected you for so many times, I really do.

Planned to make a blog post, but who'd have known that it will be this kind of post? #sigh

Polished : Outrageous Neons

I was beyond happy to find these pretty little things on my desk when I got home several days ago. Miss Santa came too fast this year! Well first let me thank the person who gifted me these. Thank you my dear, many thanks (I know that person will read this haha) :DD

My craving upon this set of O.P.I's Outrageous Neons started while I was "window-shopping" at a nail polish shop on the biggest shopping website in China (all hail Taobao LOLOL) and I began to tell everyone I met about this haha. But who would have known that in less than a week I already had these pretty babies in my hand. Beyond happy, super duper grateful!

Outrageous Neons comes up with six bottles of nail polish. They were the White Base, Ridiculously Yellow, Formidably Orange, Riotously Pink, Seriously Purple and the Top Coat (refer to the picture above, from left to right). Cute names, right? Another reason you'll definitely fall for O.P.I. I really could not choose which color to wear first so I decided to wear them all at once!

This picture above was taken with my room's poor lighting and they did not turn out as "neon" as they should have. I wore a single coat of base coat and the White Base, two coats of each neon color, and at last a single coat of top coat on each nail. The white base is important, you may not have the best neon effect if you did not wear the white base.

These nails definitely need more shots :P so I build my own "mini-studio" (with a background and a simple desk-lamp LOL) and did another photo session. This turned out a little bit more neon than the first photo. Can you see the neon effect already? 

I swear the neons look much better in real life LOL. I super love all the colors but if I have to choose one favorite, I'll pick the Formidably Orange :D After trying out all the colors, I fell in love more with these babies, definitely worth having!

Hold On Hold On

Went to IKEA to get a storage box for my nail polish collections (was thinking to blog about this, should I?) and grabbed some ramen lunch at Ajisen with my partner of the day, Tika :D

Meet this always-is-happy person haha :D
Been a quite hectic weekend for me, and now I'm feeling like I am going to faint #lebay. Got so many things to do, at church and at school as well. I can hear the calling from the thesis that I have to start dealing with pfft. This last-minute-person needs extra strength.

Polished : Mad About Pattern

I just thought my nails need more space on the blog LOL so I decided to put them into a post for each nail art I made :P Today what I managed to do on the little nails was ummm I don't know what these exactly are. These are the patterns of a goodie bag I got when I bought a local magazine in Indonesia back then and I just thought the pattern was really good looking so I decided to paint them on my nails. 

Each finger represents each different pattern. Some are modified though because I didn't manage to draw the exact same pattern. I don't think I did really well this time because it was too messy. You don't even know what happened to the right hand LOL. But I think I'll keep them for the next few days before removing them. Until next polished post then!