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Nail Art World First Problem

Me to myself, "So today, I am going to make a nail art that has something to do with winter. Hmm where should I start this. Ahh, a nail art with my sweater's pattern will be good. Hmm but I don't think this will good. Hmm I'll go with this tutorial then." *started painting nails*

The other five minutes "Gahh this is a mess. I'm not doing this. *removing polish* Hmm maybe going to another tribal pattern again this time? Ahh but I still think my sweater's pattern will be good." *started applying base color*

Three minutes later "Duh why did I use this color? I'm not drawing my sweater's pattern anymore."

And this is how my nails turned to at last. Really stressed me out every time I want to do nail art, because I don't know which nail art I should have made pfft. So I got lazy to do nail art but already had the color base, I ended up making this cloudy nail art which I once saw the tutorial (here). I was using my Face Shop's pink and light blue polish and also Orly's Ancient Jade. This is a simple and fun way to do nail art since I don't have to use any brush or any other nail art tools. Even though it is simple but it is still gorgeous, I think.

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