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On This Almost-Winter's Night

Yes yes yes, you're right. That is IKEA's meatballs :D Me, Jane and Tika went to IKEA to grab our lunch today. The meatballs were great but well I guess I ate too many of them :| Me and Jane had meatballs while Tika chose their Salmon Lasagna (that also tasted great!) and we also had some sweet desserts (that we ate as appetizer LOL) as the companions of the meatballs and lasagna.

IKEA with its Christmas decorations, super lovely :3

Time flies really fast! It is already the mid of November and soon it will be December, which means soon it will be Christmas! I can already "smell" the joy of Christmas coming. Yay really can't wait for it to come. I've been planning some to-do's on this Christmas and am really excited!

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