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Polished : Outrageous Neons

I was beyond happy to find these pretty little things on my desk when I got home several days ago. Miss Santa came too fast this year! Well first let me thank the person who gifted me these. Thank you my dear, many thanks (I know that person will read this haha) :DD

My craving upon this set of O.P.I's Outrageous Neons started while I was "window-shopping" at a nail polish shop on the biggest shopping website in China (all hail Taobao LOLOL) and I began to tell everyone I met about this haha. But who would have known that in less than a week I already had these pretty babies in my hand. Beyond happy, super duper grateful!

Outrageous Neons comes up with six bottles of nail polish. They were the White Base, Ridiculously Yellow, Formidably Orange, Riotously Pink, Seriously Purple and the Top Coat (refer to the picture above, from left to right). Cute names, right? Another reason you'll definitely fall for O.P.I. I really could not choose which color to wear first so I decided to wear them all at once!

This picture above was taken with my room's poor lighting and they did not turn out as "neon" as they should have. I wore a single coat of base coat and the White Base, two coats of each neon color, and at last a single coat of top coat on each nail. The white base is important, you may not have the best neon effect if you did not wear the white base.

These nails definitely need more shots :P so I build my own "mini-studio" (with a background and a simple desk-lamp LOL) and did another photo session. This turned out a little bit more neon than the first photo. Can you see the neon effect already? 

I swear the neons look much better in real life LOL. I super love all the colors but if I have to choose one favorite, I'll pick the Formidably Orange :D After trying out all the colors, I fell in love more with these babies, definitely worth having!

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